/ Why is a man afraid to talk about his feelings?

Why is a man afraid to talk about his feelings?

Emotional stiffness

Why are men afraid to talk about their feelings? Firstly, it is worth noting that very often the guys are guided not by fear, but by other feelings. It's no secret that a man is an individual more emotionally constrained than a woman. That's why they just do not consider it necessary to constantly talk about feelings. One "I love you" for a guy is enough to express their emotions. But women do not have enough. Therefore, they begin to demand more and more. In turn, the man does not understand why his beloved lady is angry, demands something, even rolls hysterics. As a result, the guy can already spitefully not talk about feelings. He does not want to say anything to show the woman how stupid and pointless her behavior is. This misunderstanding and the peculiar "battle of the sexes" can lead to the fact that the couple will simply fall apart.

Fear of the crowd

But still, do not assume that guys are alwaysThey do not want to talk about feelings because of their lack of emotionality or principledness. Some young people really can be afraid. And this fear is explained by the fact that many representatives of the stronger sex have a stereotype that the guy should always be brutal and tough. Therefore, it happens that a guy is afraid to talk about love only because he does not want to appear in the eyes of friends-acquaintances and the ladies of the heart are weak and sensitive. In this case, worst of all, when a young man is too afraid of the opinions of others. After all, then it turns out that he is really weak and weak-willed. In this case, the man is subject to the opinion of the crowd, and from such young people one should not expect anything good. After all, when people can not independently make decisions and be responsible for them, then all their actions will depend on external factors. So you can not be surprised when he throws a girl just because someone decided that it does not meet the requirements of these people.

Bad experience

A completely different situation develops whenA young man does not want to talk about feelings only because he considers it a weakness in the eyes of a lady. The reasons for this behavior are very different. Often this happens because of the unsuccessful experience with girls in the past. For example, a young man already confessed to someone in love, and the lady took advantage of his feelings and broke his heart. Or, after the confessions, the guy called him a weakling and a lunatic. In this case, the girl simply needs to show that for her the feelings of the young man are very important. Of course, one does not hope that he will immediately begin to talk about his emotions and feelings, but eventually one can always achieve that a person forgot about his past failures and re-opened himself to the senses.

Another reason why a guy does not talk aboutHis love - this is upbringing. In some families, it's simply not acceptable to openly express emotions. If the father and mother never expressed feelings for either the child or to each other, growing up, a person also begins to behave in a similar way. In this case, the guy needs to talk about feelings, explain how important it is, to focus his attention on things that will entangle the young man. And never conceal your positive emotions. Over time, the guy will start to thaw and take your model of behavior, gradually giving up his.

In fact, many people have experienced some kind ofEvents that cause them to hide their experiences, feelings and emotions. Simply men are better able to restrain themselves. Therefore, if you know that a guy loves you, but does not want to talk about feelings for precisely these reasons, just be patient and persuade the young man, in words and deed proving his love for him.

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