/ Why men throw women without explanation

Why do men throw women without explanation

Silence out of pity

The first option, the most banal - the woman becameUninteresting for a man. But why does this happen, you can ask why, if a lady is not interested in a guy, she is not immediately abandoned? Perhaps the fact is that initially for the man she was interesting, but over time, he noticed in it those shortcomings that he did not see initially. By the way, for many women this explanation becomes a blow. But in fact, you do not need to get upset. Just need to think about your behavior and the behavior of a young man. Perhaps you have different interests, tastes and views on life. Then do not worry at all. Probably, you just did not approach each other and the young man decided to disappear, so as not to offend you by giving explanations or simply not considering it necessary. If you understand that you have shortcomings that are not characteristic of most women, then think about them and try to correct them. Over time, you will see that the attitude of young people to you will change and you will not be left without explanation.

Silence because of disrespect

The second option - a man sees in a woman onlySexual object. In this case, the guys drop the girls when they just get bored with them or there is a new "victim". In this case, you yourself must understand what you are on. And do not say that they were hoping that the man would love you and try to tie him with sex. Everyone has known for a long time that this method did not work and will never work. And then how a guy treats you (as a sexual partner or a potential girl), you can determine immediately, unless you deceive yourself. Therefore, starting a relationship with a young man, just adequately determine his attitude towards you. Then either you do not start with him at all, or you will not worry when he leaves without an explanation. Because in this case, young people often just do not consider it a necessity, because they do not respect girls. Always remember this.

Silence "for good"

The third option - the man himself does not understand hisFeelings or believes that it is simply not suitable for a girl. Of course, in this case, I want to remind young people that it is never worthwhile to decide for others with whom they will be better off. But, unfortunately, not every member of the stronger sex listens to this. Therefore, if everything was good in your relations, but you know that a young person is inclined to self-obsession and self-abasement, in this case you can assume that he left without explanation, because he believes that it will be easier for you to forget it and begin life with someone Something better. Just a young man can do it when he does not understand what he feels or is afraid of his feelings. He too can start to analyze everything, but the more he thinks, the more he gets confused. Such men disappear once in an unknown direction.

But whatever reason for leaving without an explanation was notA man, women can only be advised - do not try to find a young man and get answers from him. So you just humiliate yourself not only in his eyes, but in his own. Remember that if a person wants to explain everything, he will come and give answers to your questions. Of course, unless something happened, it was your fault that he was offended and simply did not want to talk. But in this case, you already know the explanation. And in all the others - behave calmly and remember the female pride.

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