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What do human postures mean in a dream

One can fall asleep in any position, not evenFavorite, not comfortable and for him not at all characteristic. On average, overnight, the body's position changes 20-30 times. But if the sleeper is worried about something or nerves are upset, then more than 100 times. But all these are insignificant intermediate positions. It is important that the pose, which is basic for a person, to it, he will return constantly. And no matter how he "tossed" from time to time, most likely, what exactly in this pose he wakes up.

So, there are several basic groups of poses,Who can tell a lot about a person. But this is only in general terms. And in order to understand the whole picture of the psychological state of a person, it is necessary to carefully monitor the position of his body: hands, fingers, feet, head ...

The first pose, the so-called "embryo pose"When the person lies in the position of the embryo (ie on the side, pulling the bent legs to the chest). This position of the body means that a person is dependent, needs guardianship and protection from a stronger one. Most likely, the sleeper with such character traits will occupy the upper corner of the bed and lie facing the wall.

Pose in which a person lies on his stomach, armsLocated above the head, legs stretched, and the feet slightly apart, indicating accuracy, accuracy, exactingness; A person sleeping in such a pose always applies maximum efforts to the realization of the set goal.

A person who feels safe,Confident will sleep on his back face up, arms and legs stretched along the trunk, in a relaxed position. This posture during sleep also speaks of a certain self-confidence and self-praise.

A person who lies on his side during sleepLegs slightly bent, balanced and adequate, he really looks at things and has not a small share of common sense, he is objective and his future does not scare.

Consider the position of the legs and hands. If a man hangs his foot (legs) from the edge or the end of the bed, then he is far from being conservative and supports everything new, renounces many of the generally accepted norms. If the ankles are crossed during sleep, it means a weak self-organization, uncertainty, weakness. In a person prone to comfort, comfort, not prone to conflict and capable of compromising, the legs lie clearly one on the other (that is, the ankles, knees and hips). People, by nature dependent and unsure of themselves, during sleep to hold on to something (blanket, corner of the bed, pillow, mattress). Hands, thrown over the head during sleep, elbows are diverted to the side, and the head lies between the palms - this is a pose typical for a person who uses mental abilities as his primary defense element.

If you are trying to understand what the pose meansIn a dream, then consider the environment and the conditions of sleep. Naturally, in a cold room a person will lie wrapped in a blanket. And if the room is switched on and other people are awake, then the sleeper will most likely turn his back on the wall, cover his head with a blanket or a hand, just so that his sleep does not get in the way. Correctly interpret the sleeping pose can only be if the conditions for sleep are optimal - the bed is comfortable enough and wide, no foreign objects (or, for example, a dog) do not interfere with taking your favorite pose.
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