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Jealousy destroys the relationship

Jealousy for your young man

At last Sveta became a married woman. After the wedding, she moved to live with her new husband and began to equip the house with a family nest, a home, because the bachelor apartment was very lack of warmth and comfort. When cleaning the apartment, Sveta found a large package of photographs, which she naturally looked at. After that, she went to another room and poured herself a cognac, which she drank with a volley. And all because her newlywed in all the photographs was imprinted with another girl, in a cafe, on the beach, in a park ... Sveta knew at the time that this girl from the photo, his ex-lady, but strangely enough, she did not get any better from this. Sveta already decided that when her husband comes home from work, then instead of dinner she will throw him a scandal. On the Light did not act the words that it is very foolish to be jealous of a person towards his past.

Why does this happen?

Such situations certainly occurred with eachfrom US. After all, we all perfectly understand that the girl's past girlfriends, this is his past, which should not be remembered. But how can you not be jealous of a guy when our imagination clearly draws the situations that are happening now to you - that he whispered sweet words to him, that he hugged her, called gentle words?

At such a time, each girl begins to compareMyself with my girlfriend's ex-girlfriend. It will bring nothing but pain. When you represent the former relationship of your partner, you with your own hands deal a direct blow to your heart. Jealousy destroys the relationship, it helps reduce the self-esteem, and thus irritates your young man. You start digging into his past when you could enjoy the current days and live happily.

What to do in such situations?

Remember that there will always be a person whoWill be much better than you. This is the law of life, but not a tragedy and take it as a given. But do not dwell on this, and even more so, this situation should in no case affect your self-esteem, because we all have our own destiny, life.

For yourself, you need to remember: Your favorite young man is with you by his own will, for his own reasons. After all, if he is with you, then he is completely satisfied with everything in you and he likes being with you, and not with someone from other girls from his past. Past relationships have certainly served as an experience for your boyfriend, now he is as he is, past novels have allowed him to become much more experienced, wiser.

Jealousy. Is it love or sickness?

My neighbors are a good young couple,Olga and Igor. They have been married for 4 years, and all this time, Olga is thinking of divorcing her husband. The reason for this is Igor's jealousy. Her husband controls every step of her, at any opportunity, rolls scandals. Delay at work - a scandal, the purchase of a new dress and that can be the occasion for a scandal. Olga constantly has to justify herself, all her excuses are vain, and the words only cause new scandals and cause her husband's anger.

Why does this happen?

In this case, jealousy has become obtrusiveCharacter. Olga's husband is constantly haunted by the thought that he is being changed and his wife is not faithful to him. The main problem is that a jealous person is 100% sure of treason and he does not need any excuses and it is very difficult to convince such a person. Specialists called this state of man "delirious jealousy." After all, such a person is very difficult to get out of this state and it is jealousy that destroys the relationship.

What to do in this situation?

If you have all reached such an extent that youLost all friends and go to the beauty salon with your husband, then you should seriously think about whether you need such a relationship. This is your life and you need to live it freely, enjoying every day, and not justifying yourself for every step you take before any person. If you think that you are behaving with your partner with dignity and tried with all your might to convince him of your loyalty, then nothing prevents you from a clear conscience to part with it. It will be wrong, if because of a loved one you will destroy your own life.

If you find it very difficult to understand yourFeelings, then you should contact a psychologist. And remember that jealousy destroys the relationship in the family. Trust your beloved person and then you will live happily ever after.

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