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Hair color and character of a person

What stereotypes are meant? As an example, one can cite the fact that, as a rule, men with blonde hair are perceived as vulnerable, kind, romantic and gentle natures, unable to cause a woman pain or anything bad.

And this is not so. Blondes have a very strong character, more sensitive to men with a different color of hair, they are, perhaps, only in relation to physical pain. In all other cases blondes are characterized by stubbornness, perseverance and determination. Blonde men often achieve success in life, because they are used to achieve the intended goal. In addition, among the blondes you can meet many very cruel and selfish people, in this they are not inferior to brunettes and shatens, but also creative, optimistic people who are not strangers to a fine sense of humor and a wide flight of fantasy, among blondes more than men with others Hair color.

Men with blond hair, as a rule, weWe perceive as perfect interlocutors, friends and comrades. They seem simple to understand, women think that such men are sociable, friendly, generous and very easy to climb.

This stereotype is closer to reality thanOthers. Indeed, the fair-haired men are distinguished by kindness and sympathy, they are characterized by excessive amorousness and strong dependence on the opinion of society and other individuals. The disadvantage of the shady can be called excessive laziness. Even those light-haired men who have any special talents will not make an effort unless they are somehow not pushed.

If we consider hair color and characterMan, a fine example of the coincidence of the accepted stereotype and reality, can be a man - brunette. Dark-haired men perceive as strong, confident in their abilities, nature. Women, in the majority, consider that brunettes are the most energetic, strong, reliable, enterprising and hardy men, and very skilled in bed.

In fact, the brunettes are mostly completelyCorrespond to these qualities. They are often leaders, assertive and courageous. But strangeness - dark-haired people are more hypochondriac and reflective than blondes, shatens and redheads. The brunette feels very strongly from the criticism directed at him, therefore he tries all the time to prove something to himself.

Another example, like hair color and characterPerson may not coincide with the accepted estimates. Behind the red-haired men, the fame of unbridled pranksters and fabricators is firmly fixed, women believe that red-haired men are frivolous, unreliable and frivolous, and outright ladies' women. It has long been considered that such people are very cunning and insidious.

In fact, the red-haired menHave more spontaneity, emotionality and originality than dark and fair-haired representatives of the stronger sex. Red is distinguished by excellent organizational skills, creativity, oratory and communication skills. They are characterized by strong jealousy, vindictiveness and aggressiveness.

You can conclude - if you decided to link yourFate with another person, do not try to connect the hair color and character of a person, and in the end, on these grounds, choose a chosen one. Better try to learn it better - this option will avoid in the future various problems.
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