/ Why do men like skinny?

Why do men like skinny?

Fear of possible offspring

In fact, the question of why a man lovesThin, there are several answers. But first of all, it's worth noting that few men like thin people. Representatives of the stronger sex like smart girls with beautiful figures. But the skinny, with a dystrophic physique, are not loved by many. But still we will return to the question of why men give preference to thin girls. It is worth noting that the most negative to the full are very young people. And the older men become, the more attention they pay to the more plump female representatives. By the way, here it is not necessary to confuse with obviously thick ladies who absolutely do not watch themselves. Even if the girl is full, she should have a figure, not layers of fat, under which it is impossible to disassemble anything at all. In adolescence, men like slim women, because they subconsciously perceive such a woman as unformed, not ready for procreation. And it's children that frighten young people. Therefore, choosing the skinny, they subconsciously protect themselves from problems. When men become older, they have a desire to have heirs, and with it a desire for women with more rounded forms.

Desire to be a hero

Another reason why men love thinIs the opportunity to feel like a hero next to them. Agree, because not all modern men can boast of great strength and athleticism. And next to a small and tiny girl, almost every guy will look like a superhero. In addition, men want to protect, protect and carry in the hands of their beloved girls. Thin miniature women like princesses, which cause a constant desire to embrace, surround with care and warmth.

Muse, not jellyfish

Another reason why men preferThin plump - femininity. Thin girls flutter like moths, they are tender, flexible, refined. But full women can not be so far from always. Of course, do not assume that all the full girls are clumsy and unwieldy. Simply with more weight - it's more difficult to be so mobile and plastic. Although no one says that these qualities can not be developed. Of course, you can, but that's just not all the full ladies want to be engaged in the right direction. And after all, men want to look at the girl to see their fairy and muse, who embodies everything beautiful in this world. The figures of skinny ladies fully correspond to such images of forest priests and nymphs, which are laid in the consciousness of every man from a deep childhood. It is worth noting that this also plays a big role when a guy begins to choose a girl visually. Many people have got used to hear from childhood that the best girls are "slim like birches", they begin to perceive this image as the only true one.

However, dear ladies do not need to consider thatAbsolutely all men love only thin. In fact, young people also have different tastes. And although most of them really prefer slim girls, there are also a lot of guys who love plump. Just the ladies do not forget that, first of all, the woman is painted by her femininity. Yes, of course, even an unmarried, but slender girl looks pretty pretty. But the complete opposite, by their behavior even more repels men. Therefore, if the girl is tormented by the question of why guys choose skinny, and not her, perhaps she just needs to think about how to behave and submit. If the full girl watches herself, dresses in such a way as to hide the shortcomings as much as possible, knows how to be gentle, plastic, light, then she has a very large number of chances to become for someone she loves.

Men like skinny because partly this stereotype of the ideal woman is laid down from childhood. However, every woman who is a Real Woman can always destroy these stereotypes.

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