/ Why do men not like children?

Why do men not like children?

In fact, there are many answers to the question: Why a man does not like children. Firstly, it is worth noting that each person is affected by the psychological atmosphere in which he grew up. Perhaps, the man left unpleasant memories from his childhood, which are the reason for such an attitude. For example, when a young man was small, he had a younger brother or sister, whom parents gave all the love and care, ceasing to give the older child due attention. Accordingly, he had the impression that he was not loved. And despite the fact that he has long grown up, in the subconscious, he has postponed the fact that little children will always love more than him. He may even without realizing it is simply jealous of his beloved woman to the child, for fear that he will lose her attention, as it once happened to his parents.

Men's fears

It also happens that the representatives of the stronger sex do notLove kids, because they just feel that they can not take responsibility for their life, development and much more. Often, this happens when young people themselves grow up in single-parent families or next to dysfunctional fathers. Of course, not always men start to fear children. It also happens that a guy who has been accustomed from childhood to be responsible for his loved ones and even to protect them, very early on becomes ready to take responsibility for his own child. But cases are also frequent where young people see their own fathers in themselves and believe that they too will not be able to give their children anything good. In this case, their dislike for children is guided solely by their own fear and a sense of incompetence. However, it should be noted that such fears arise not only among those who grew up in dysfunctional families. There are many cases where young people are simply not ready to take any responsibility. It is then that any mention of children makes them angry and irritated. Such guys just think that the girl tries to impose on him a child, taking away his freedom, personal space and the ability to do what he wants. In this case, the man simply should not only physically, but also psychologically become mature. Often, guys need more time to enjoy freedom from any obligations and learn to give up certain desires. In women, motherhood is inherent in nature, so it is easier for them to go for such "sacrifices" for the sake of the child.

Adequacy test

But it is worth remembering that a person withA normal psyche and an adequate perception of the world, the child can be annoying, but do not cause in it attacks of hatred and aggression. If you notice such a manifestation of character for a young man, then you need to think about how adequate it is. Moreover, if you paid attention to the fact that the guy not only says unpleasant things about children, but also threatens with physical violence. This behavior is completely unacceptable for a normal person, because consciously or subconsciously in an adequate psyche there is a desire to protect the weak or at least treat them neutrally, rather than inflict pain and mock. Therefore, if you understand that a young person sees in children the main enemies and irritants, think about whether he will be able to become a normal father to your child.

Fortunately, such representatives of the stronger sexSufficiently little. Basically, all men cope with the dislike of the kids when they grow up and get rid of the subconscious desire to remain children, who do not need to answer for anything. Often, this happens when a guy has his own son or daughter, in which he sees himself. Then his irritation changes in the opposite direction, turning into a feeling of boundless tenderness and love.

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