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The wind of change

As in any other case, it is important hereOriginal idea, concept. Speaking of the new image, you can imagine not only new outfits, hair and makeup. We must treat this as creating a new character, think through possible actions, reactions, manners, character, attitude to life. This painstaking work, which does not tolerate fuss. You can fantasize until all the angles disappear until the new image stops squeezing and rubbing. When you feel complete harmony with the invented personality, the work can be considered complete.
It is important that this new person is not just another mask. It should be a living, natural personality, flexible, capable of development, and not a shield from complexes and fears.


Getting used to a new model of yourself is not so easy,No matter how beautiful she was. In the end, the old entity is not in a hurry to give up positions. Therefore it is important to be able to see the world in a new way, to look at yourself with new eyes.
Look at yourself from the outside in the usual setting. How much do you correspond to the image that already lives in the imagination? If something seems to be incomplete, if there is not enough harmony, you will have to try. Start remodeling the space under the new self. Boring office wall can be decorated with a bright collage or a strict picture, depending on what kind of preferences for your new personality.
It is important and at home to create an interior that wouldSuited you 2.0, leaving nothing of the former person. What we see every day, the space in which we spend most of the day, certainly affects us. Therefore, it is so important to breathe new life into the interior, to imprint new habits and tastes.
In addition, much of what surrounds you, will help others to notice changes in you and learn to relate new ways.

Not a game, but a reality.

At first such an undertaking will seem just a sillyGame. But for the new personality to come to life and become real, it does not need to play, it just needs to be. Your previous habits and tastes have somehow affected life, now it's time to release new emotions at will. Show yourself new in everything, do not be shy: at work, at home, on vacation and alone with yourself.
Do not try to change completely, if all youYou can change the appearance and make repairs in the apartment. Trying to become someone else, you need to be him, and not to seem, in all other cases you will feel atrocious.
The more you do not need to copy someone, it's much better to create a collective image, taking the best of those people and characters that you consider worthy of such honor.

People often think about the fact that theThe person is too much burdens them. Affect past grievances, failures, wrong deeds, the way of thinking and views, which only interfere with being happy. But we have no one nearer than ourselves, we must be the most faithful helpers to ourselves. Therefore, it is especially strange that many live, experiencing almost physical discomfort, but not trying to change. This life is not good by inertia. Do not be afraid of change, to think that changing oneself by your own hands is an unnatural process. But it is much more pleasant than, for example, the inevitable changes under the influence of strong experiences, which are not always pleasant.
In addition, the change of personality is a good reasonGet rid of bad habits and inclinations, change the nature and attitude to life and loved ones. It may well be that such an artificial transplantation of a new image will be the beginning of a new happy life. In any case, it's worth the risk, because you can change infinitely many times, as soon as the old personality finally loses its relevance.
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