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Principles of zodiac signs

  1. The most difficult thing is to listen to the interlocutor to the end.
  2. Obstinacy is not a defect.
  3. It is easy to control the situation, more difficult - your emotions.
  4. One ram is good, two rams are many.
  5. I do not attack first. But God forbid that I should be hurt.
  1. Do not mind the money to buy, sorry for the party.
  2. Do not need me stranger, do not touch mine.
  3. A thin peace is better than a good quarrel.
  4. Do not disturb the one who sat well.
  5. It's better to have a beautiful sofa than a beautiful sunset.
  6. Food is a serious thing.
  7. Affectionate calf - two queens suck.
  8. When you go second, you save energy.
  9. I do not like disposable lighters.
  10. The taster is my true vocation.
  1. Today I'm not like yesterday.
  2. Who owns the situation, he owns the information.
  3. One mind is good, but two is better, especially if both belong to the same person.
  4. Figaro is here, Figaro is there.
  5. The idea as well as the products should not be stale.
  6. One TV, a phone in the house is good, and three are better.
  7. Who did not have time, he was late.
  8. I'm moving through life like a scooter on the water, I'm not ruining, but quickly.
  9. I do not answer the market for the bazaar.
  10. I love the quantity, because the quality does not have enough time.
  1. My home is my castle.
  2. Nursing with others is my true vocation.
  3. It would be good to stock up on everything in the world, and patience and cooking.
  4. Everything comes to him who can wait.
  5. With friends, meet at home, not in a cafe.
  6. Nothing warms the soul so much as the kind of stuffed refrigerator.
  7. It is better to dig, but to buy a decent thing.
  8. It is hard to live where there is nowhere to hide.
  9. I carry my past like a backpack.
  10. Can you wear a coat in twenty years?
A lion:
  1. I will lead you into the distance bright.
  2. It's better to support than to get it.
  3. Pleasant manners are half the success.
  4. The sun shines to the Lions.
  5. A beautiful sign on the door of the cabinet is more important than a high salary.
  6. I love to earn well, and spend even more.
  7. The piano in the house is better than the piano, even if it does not play on anyone.
  8. In spite of my friendly appearance, I am a dictator in my heart.
  9. If you do - so much.
  10. Why do you need the sun, if I am with you?
  1. Patience and a little effort.
  2. Modesty decorates not only the girl, but also the girl.
  3. Everyone lives for himself, but he serves others.
  4. Order is needed everywhere: in thought and in the kitchen.
  5. Prove to me strictly logically that we are created for each other.
  6. A crooked hanging shelf makes me crazy.
  7. On a large scale, I'm lost.
  8. It's difficult for me to extract the bones from a whole bucket of cherries.
  9. In every Virgin lives a cool lady.
  10. Amanita must certainly be conspicuous, and a white fungus - and so well.
  1. Without a partner, as without hands.
  2. The most opposite is to argue.
  3. Win by agreeing.
  4. Fundamental are only fools.
  5. Involve anyone, anything.
  6. Beauty will save the world.
  7. Everything should be done under the mood.
  8. The hardest thing is to make a choice.
  9. Do not over all "and" you need to put a point.
  10. I do not even know for myself whether I'm white or for the Reds.
  1. Sorry, there's no one to sting.
  2. Each event is like a sofa: there must be hidden springs in it.
  3. For a smile there must be a serious reason.
  4. You can be free from everything, but not from your own passions.
  5. I sing the song of love on the battlefield.
  6. Not everyone will stand my sight.
  7. My passions rarely come out, like a shark, which rarely floats to the surface.
  8. The world is lost without knights.
  9. Have not been extinct on earth, the Fathers!
  10. I look like a cactus, my fairy flower opens for the elite.
  1. A good person should be a lot.
  2. To whom I owe, I forgive everyone.
  3. The best holiday is a round-the-world trip.
  4. The main thing in the problem is its scale.
  5. My ideal is Ivan Tsarevich.
  6. I can not be angry with you.
  7. Eating off of conscience - what is it ???
  8. Obligation adorns only mediocre people.
  9. Worried in advance is stupid, we will understand the situation.
  10. Not an obligatory person, simply must be obligatory.
  1. I'm not a sprinter, and not even a stayer. I'm a marathon runner.
  2. And one in the field warrior.
  3. Do not break the laws, the other will come down, and you will be caught.
  4. For myself, I need very little. My property is just a mirror of my success.
  5. Life is like a train, which arrives at every station exactly according to the schedule.
  6. It's nice to talk about distant countries sitting at home.
  7. This Capricorn, like cognac, is characterized by endurance.
  8. It takes a lifetime to climb to the top, that would just spit down from there.
  9. Only I'm younger with the years.
  10. I'm going - I'm not fussing food, but as soon as I'm in, I will not let you down.
  1. How boring to be like the others.
  2. If I came up with you, be like me.
  3. Prejudice is the lot of fools.
  4. The future simply must be beautiful.
  5. It's hard to be an angel, but it's necessary.
  6. A good intention is more important than good deeds.
  7. To become an innovator, you must first forget about the traditions.
  8. Sex? In life there are deeds and more important.
  9. First friends, and then the family, if of course there will be time.
  10. There is no me kinder, there is no me more cheerful.
  1. It is more important to sympathize than to help.
  2. I can not give up alcohol like a fish from water.
  3. Order came up boring people.
  4. Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.
  5. I do not know what I can promise.
  6. To work in a hurry is the same as swallowing.
  7. I am ready to understand everyone, but not myself.
  8. Willow bends in the storm, and the oak falls.
  9. Everyone knows that I am always busy, but very few people know what exactly.
  10. Do not push me, and then slip away like a fish from the hands.
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