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Protection from energy vampires

An example is the work of a masseur. When he confuses compassion with "removing pain", he becomes an easy prey. The desire to do good work and ease the discomfort of others can defeat the sense of self-preservation. Self-awareness, healthy professionalism, allow you to keep a threat within and keep energy vampires in your life at a distance from your personal and professional territory.

Energy vampires are not fastidiousAs to who they will receive energy from: friends will do this with friends, employees with co-workers, brothers and sisters, mothers with daughters, and of course, clients with doctors. They wander the world, drying up our fertility, like an epidemic that medical books do not define.

Many energy vampires are victims of the earlyChildhood trauma, such as insults, illnesses and negligent parents. An energy leak occurs with this kind of injury, which encourages vampires to feed on the vitality of others in order to receive compensation.

How to identify it

If even after a short contact with anyMan, you feel worse, and he or she seems more alive and full of energy - you are confronted with an energy vampire. Usually after stopping contact with the "vampire", I want to sleep or eat. Your condition in this case can be compared with the state after you hit the car.

Most energy vampires do not know,What action they have on others, do not realize that they take away our energy. They are filled with negative emotions and experiences. These are very noisy people, always late, constantly postpone the visit. "Vampires" always strive to be in the team, in the center of attention and try to pull on themselves the energy of others.

What makes us vulnerable?

Under the action of vampires gets everyone. But there are states that make us the most vulnerable:

• Lack of sleep.
• Bad food.
• Lack of exercise.
• Lack of spiritual replenishment.
• Excessive work.
• Emotional stress.
• Illness.
• Substance abuse.

All this destroys our aura. And it should be healthy and protected. If you do not defend yourself against "vampires", they feel that this is an open invitation to the gap that you left for them.

What to do?

If you have already identified energy vampires inYour life, do not panic. When meeting him, take a few deep breaths, focus your attention on your body and focus on something very beautiful - maybe it's a flower, a picture of your child or a picture of a beautiful sunset.

Try not to work negativity and fearsBefore him, try to exhale the negative energy that you feel. If he says something negative to you, try to stay neutral and not react negatively ..

Each of us is very important to our inner energy, when we touch the energy vampire. If we are strong and pure in spirit, we are already protected.

Use the visualization of light, shape the egg (aura) from the energy around your body. Imagine that you are well protected and safe.

If you communicate with a "thirsty" vampire,Block energy centers in your own body. Cross your legs and do not look directly into both eyes (you can only look at one eye) - these are two ways to protect yourself from such an interlocutor.

To mentally disconnect from it, do at the end of communication the movement of the hands "scissors" in front of you. "Cut off" their energy from themselves, it belongs to them, not you.

After leaving the "vampire" from your house, clean itNegative vibrations in the room, burning the ancient purifier - wormwood. An incredible cleanser is water. Take a hot bath or shower. Water will wash away your negative energy.

Being in the water is good, but even beingNear it brings relief. Remember how easily you feel when you are at a babbling brook or a moving river. Water gives a sense of peace and tranquility and removes negative energy. Even the usual washing of hands after a meeting with a vampire can help.

Americans, for example, use clatter, drum combat, clap their hands to dispel negative energy.

Be a strong person. If you are healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually, you will always be able to protect yourself from the "strikes" of energy "vampires". Trust yourself, respect yourself, educate yourself - then you will be ready to deal with energy vampires around the world and be able to help them.

There are many types of energy vampires, we cite some of them, as well as measures of protection against them.

A sobbing sister always whines, loves to cause pity from others, looks like a victim, unable to see the positive side of things.

Limit the time to discuss the problems of the "sobbing sister" (or sobbing brother); Find a way to change the subject of the conversation and strive for positive solutions.

The prosecutor is trying to make you feel guilty, can swear, openly get angry.

Build your own energy shield, imagining yourself in a cocoon of white light that protects you from harm. He misses the positive energy, but does not miss the negative energy.

The villain is driven by envy, rivalry and irresponsibility. The energy consequences of this vampire are like a nuclear explosion.

Do not look into his eyes, use yourBreathing, to restore your vitality. Imagine a vacuum within yourself and draw in everything that the vampire pulled out, and then exhale the entire negative from the lower part of the spinal column.

But the best way to combat energy "vampires" is to ignore them. The more you think about them, the more they appear around you.

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