/ Why does a man want to get married?

Why does a man want to get married?


This is one of the most common reasons forWhich a man wants to marry. Depending on the age, sex can be either regular or episodic. A young man considers marriage a guarantee of permanent sexual relations. In time, he will understand how he was mistaken about this. A man of mature years sees in marriage the opportunity to relax from sexual pleasures, as they are fed up with him in order. Quite a lot of young people associate themselves by marriage because of the girl's unwillingness to make love before the wedding. For her, this can be a matter of principle. And she can not be persuaded by any arguments. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to discover the unknown, the man marries. Men whose sex is not in the first place, enter into marital relations with women of the same views.


Quite a banal reason: A man looks at his beloved and understands - here she is the only and unique, for life. Full of romance and love. However, there are frequent cases when a man is ready to become a father, but a woman does not agree to have illegitimate children, and it turns out that a man must marry. Since a young man very much wants to have his child, and from a beloved woman, then we have to enter into a legal marriage. But this logical reason turns out to be the most unstable of all for marriage. After all, love is an incoming feeling. Over the years, it cools, and then comes a feeling of regret and disappointment.

Home routines.

Quite a trivial reason, but many menDo not want to deal with domestic chores. Therefore, they also take on a woman who will perform all household chores - and cook, and wash, and remove ... The approach to choosing a wife of this type is simple - to keep a good eye on the economy and was attractive externally. However, as a result - what choice, such and relations in the future.

Psychological reasons.

Another reason, according to whichThe representative of the stronger sex wants to marry, is the desire to assert itself as a leader. Such men choose a woman who will unconditionally fulfill all their demands. However, if, after going to the registrar's office, the newly-made wife refuses to fulfill the role of servant, the man will feel deceived and the consequences will not be long in coming.

Frequent cases where the man wishes to marry a man in retaliation for a woman from the past who rejected or deceived him earlier.

It happens that a weak-willed man marriesStrong-willed and strong woman, so that she became a reliable support for him. But do not put such a marriage high hopes - such a relationship will not be strong, if the wife does not meet the expectations of men.

Fear of loneliness.

Fear of losing a loved one pushes a manGo to the registrar. Marriage acts as a restraining thread, which binds a loved one to itself. At the same time, love and fear are strongly interrelated. The emerging desire for mutually beneficial cooperation - today I am for you, tomorrow - you are for me, based on the fear of loneliness. However, the partner, seeing the great affection and love of the spouse, can begin to manipulate him for his benefit in the future.

By habit, or "like everyone else."

A banal motive is not found. Many men marry only because of "that was like everyone else". In marriage, he can often do all the homework, although at the same time he does not like his wife, does not like and does not want children, but in spite of this he married and lives with his wife. And it's simply explained - all his acquaintances have been married for a long time, that's why he should be like everyone else. He can meet with one woman for several years, not start conversations about marriage, but one day he is married and he marries, because it is so necessary, so everyone does.

Unplanned pregnancy.

Probably, this is one of the most commonReasons why a man marries. But, strangely enough, such marriages are the strongest. A man who took responsibility for an unplanned child shows love for a woman and the seriousness of their intentions. Typically, a woman appreciates this. The well-known fact that a man in a marriage is more like it when they love him, and not he someone. On the other hand, it is by no means a fact that every man will have a sense of responsibility and desire to continue the relationship when he receives news of his future fatherhood.

Marriage of convenience.

Strangely enough, but such marriages do not supportOnly women, but also men. The material interest of a man in such relations is in the first place: apartment, car, career growth, citizenship, social status ... After all, a woman who besides herself also has a beloved man is a very attractive party. In fact, such marriages are very strong. After all, a woman who has achieved success in the material plan is intelligent, and will make the man completely dependent on himself and will not allow his departure.

Women's initiative.

With a sufficiently long period of jointLiving a man does not matter how their relationship will be called. It is important only that the beloved was there. A man can give in to the requests of a woman and agree to become her husband, so long as the relationship with her beloved is not overshadowed by uncomfortable conversations on her part. Yes, and your own nerves should be cherished.

«Walking left. "

Yes, in life, and so it happens. After meeting with a woman, a representative of the stronger sex does not allow herself to "go left" because of fear of losing her beloved. But, having entered into legal marriage, can begin to "come off" under the full program. Most women consider the stamp in the passport a great deterrent. Whereas a man can do whatever he likes, especially if the woman is already over thirty. After all, at this age, she divorces, probably will not want - already established family, established relationships, growing up children, a house. Having a family, a man can visit his mistress, and at the same time not be afraid that he will be abandoned. Wife, of course, will suffer, thinking about her husband's betrayals, but she will not drive out - she loves him.

There are men who marry traditionally. "They married me before, and I will be married." Some go against relatives, and some are afraid of loneliness in old age. Here are described only the most common motives for men to marry. In life, when making a decision, several motivating factors work.

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