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Relationship of human characters and punctuation marks

Two write, three in the mind.

The greatest difficulty in communication is deliveredPeople are quotes. You never know whether their speech is direct or everything should be understood in a figurative sense. It is difficult to determine what is on their mind and whether they should be trusted. It's not easy for them either, because they expect a trick from people and the world, the mistrust of these people is automatic, congenital, like a reflex. They also doubt in themselves, not only in others. What they fear, they receive. They do not really want to be friends with them, they are "substituted" and betrayed, they are shunned and do not like. Make life easier for yourself

And the other can only be one way: As much as possible to develop in itself sincerity and to refuse estimations. Use quotes only for direct speech, forgetting about their ability to change the meaning of the word to the opposite. The technique "Is this true?". It is simple, it is just necessary to put this question to each of its statements.

- I like this article.

- Is it so?

- Well, actually, it's boring and new is not enough ...

- The article is rather boring, but something in it still interested.

The last phrase is a direct speech that can be voiced, the previous three - internal dialogue.

We will open the brackets.

The problems of sincerity and openness do not ariseOnly with quotes. People-brackets, closed and remote, restrained and not verbose, are also often perceived with apprehension and suspicion. It is not very comfortable to communicate with an iceberg, most of which is hidden under water. At the same time, these people attract their mystery and inconspicuity, their erudition inspires respect. To reveal such parentheses is the same as revealing embraces: a completely new and very pleasant level of communication is obtained. Use in conversations with them a retrain - and get a lot of useful additional information. Re-phrases are specifying suggestions like:

- If I understood you correctly...

- you mean that ...

- if you decipher what you said, it turns out ...

- if I correctly caught your thought, it turns out ...

It turns out concretization, but it is exactly what we need.

Restore the erased.

Dash - something so self-evident,That there is no need to talk about it, a dash, and nothing more. I'm the boss, you're a fool, he's clever, and you're a half-wit. A girl from the cover of a glossy magazine is just super, and I am a reflection in a crooked mirror. What is there to discuss? Everything is clear, in one word - a dash. But! What is self-evident for a person-dash, for his interlocutor can have a completely different meaning. There is a boss, but the mental capacity is not determined by the chair that he occupies. The girl from the cover is perfect and uninteresting, and my non-standard appearance is something to catch. Smart people sometimes can not give anything new to the world, and Einstein, who did not master final exams, created a theory of relativity.

People-dashes in a conflict situation preferKeep silent, so that the partner himself could guess where he had offended the silent and why he had gone "into the dead defenses." From any clarification of relations a man-dash refuses. If I'm silent, you're guilty, what's not clear? But this is the way to nowhere, because sooner or later the partner will get tired of guessing on the coffee grounds, looking for his mistakes, and he will say: "Are you silent? And be quiet to your health. I have something to do with? ".

Very important words are hidden under the dash: "Is", "it", "means." Replacing them with a simple dash, we remove the vibration, erase the significance and question the very existence. Remove the dash - it is very unsafe.

Say the word "is", say andDiscuss grievances, find out the relationship in the most literal sense of the word. I strongly advise you to use the I-statements: I do not spend very little time with you, and I am stressed by the fact that we spend little time together. You did not forget about the anniversary of our wedding, but I did not remind you of that. You're not picking on me, but I'm morbidly reacting to snibbags over trifles. I-statements help to bring life to the level of dots, and this ...

A novel with a sequel.

If you were lucky enough to have an ellipsis, youAre significant and democratic, open to new and dynamic, mysterious and non-standard. If from birth these qualities are not enough, you can and should develop, because the ellipsis - this is life with its understatement and surprises, multivariance and unpredictability. It is an opportunity to come up with your own version of the development of the event, gain power over circumstances. Any sign can become an ellipsis, there would be a desire, confirmed by action.

In due time, when the glory of the prophet Moses reachedNeighboring states, one of the kings sent an artist to Israel to draw and bring him a portrait of a great man. The tsar had a fortuneteller who could reveal the character of a man by the portrait, and so it was possible to find out whether the glory of Moses corresponds to his real talents. The portrait was made, delivered, and the soothsayer declared that there is no such blemish as a person depicted on the canvas would not be capable of. An angry king decided to execute either an inept artist, or a visionary deceiver. But first he had to meet Moses himself to see if the image was like a real prophet. If it seems like the soothsayer will die, if not, death awaits the artist. And here the long-awaited meeting took place, Moses comes to meet the king, like two drops of water similar to his image ... The king calls the executioner.

"Why do you need an executioner?" The prophet asks.

- To execute a soothsayer, who said that you, a great man, are capable of the lowest acts.

"Do not hurry with the execution, I'm really capable of the lowest acts, but my greatness is that I managed to overcome this in myself."

Perhaps in overcoming and transforming the minus into a plus is the essence of the great transition, to which all the punctuation marks hint at us?

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