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Wedding traditions of different countries and peoples of the world


From the Saharan people brides are trained from the age of 12 - theirFatten. Here completeness means feminine beauty, gives a guarantee of a good marriage, speaks about the bride's family: about her wealth and social position. Poor girls have to sit in a separate hut and eat a lot of high-calorie food: milk, millet balls, which are cooked on milk and butter, fatty couscous. If mothers can not fatten their daughters themselves due to a lack of funds, they are changed by their daughters with relatives or friends. If the daughter begins to struggle desperately during fattening, then the father is involved in the process.


If a young couple is about to get married, in SamoaThere is a tradition - to spend a "night of love" in a crowded hut of parents, in which there is also livestock. This night must necessarily pass in complete silence, so as not to wake any of the relatives. And in Samoa lovers are very ardent. And if the hero-lover is not lucky, he has to flee from angry relatives. To make it easier to bear beatings, the future groom before such a night all smeared with palm oil.


According to folk traditions in Macedonia, there isEquality of husband and wife in a future family. On the wedding night, the newlyweds are locked in the basement, which is hung with pine needles. Here they fight for wedding trophies - a hat and shoes. If the wife grabs the hat, it will be happy in the marriage, and if, in addition, the boots - the husband will be under her heel for life.


In Thailand, the wedding ceremony begins in the morningSinging of monks. Then they are fed by the groom, the bride and relatives. The monks continue to sing, and the main monk of the bride, the groom and their guests is sprinkled with holy water. Then everyone moves to the temple. The most interesting moment at the wedding ceremony is the procession of Khan Mark. This means that on the way to the home of the future wife, her relatives and friends give out gifts to all.

Basically, in Thailand, weddings are held inAugust. He is considered the most favorable month for marriage. In cities, people get married at the age of 28-35, and in villages - most often at the age of 20.

The Jews.

Accompanied by his parents, the bride and groomMove along the aisle of the synagogue towards the Huppe (the canopy symbolizing the tent where the newly married couple lived in ancient times). Under the huppah, a ritual sip of wine is performed, then the rabbi blesses the bride and groom. Then the bride gets a wedding ring from the groom. It should be gold, without ornaments and stones, simple, so that it would not seem that the choice of the bride was determined by the wealth of the groom. This concludes the official part of the Jewish wedding ceremony.

The conclusion of marriage with the Jews requires the presence of two witnesses. Jewish wedding never takes place on Saturday or other holy holidays.


In one small town in Germany to the present dayPreserved medieval custom - the right of the "first night". The current grooms do not find anything terrible in this custom, but who does not like the "savagery of the Middle Ages" - they are going to marry in other cities. This ritual act is now perceived as a visit to a gynecologist. "Feudalus" is a descendant of the clan that once owned this village, having done its work, goes out to the strolling guests and reports on the chastity of the bride. After his death, the custom may die for want of heirs.

Do not go far, because wedding rituals andThe traditions of European countries are very strange, it is enough to dig a little in history. In provincial towns and remote villages until now, the wedding traditions of ancestors are observed, which can be seen.

Fantasies of different nations of the world in wedding customsDo not cease to amaze. One of the main events in people's lives is a wedding. It is usually prepared seriously, and more seriously, you need to approach the choice of a couple. As a rule, weddings are held according to the customs of your region, but you can break them and arrange a wedding, which you vzbredet in the head, for example, according to the traditions of the peoples of Africa.

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