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Horoscope for March for signs of the zodiac


If you have this month, in a horoscope for March forSigns of the zodiac shine exam or delivery of the report and have the opportunity to choose the date, do it on March 2-6. The rest of the days will require more energy and energy to get the same result. You will face incompetence or indifference of others. Do not worry, everything will eventually form.


Until 11.02 sit quietly, like mice, and then they will put on you so much that they carry - not to carry, and to quit - not to quit. But since March 11, you have enough power, and the rights are with you, and you owe it to the measure, that is, complete love and understanding with everyone. You can start a new project or repair in your home or office - you will have many ideas how to make everything beautiful and inexpensive.


A busy month, especially if you are engagedMental work or trade. In sales, stagnation, and in thoughts - a whistle, can not concentrate. Be active and persevering from March 2 to 6. From 15 to 24 there will be a time-out, at this time try to finish all the necessary cases. Do not start new things: waste time and money.


Perhaps, you are the most energetic and active sign inThis month. From 4 to 7 March, romantic adventures are possible, but be careful: they may end up differently than you expect. Especially it concerns family representatives of your sign. Gifts for Valentine's Day should be purchased before March 13, otherwise you can buy an unsuitable or defective thing.

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The first half of the month is difficult - warnsYou horoscope for March for zodiac signs. You can be attacked by everyone and from everywhere. Unfinished business, unfulfilled promises, unfinished repairs ... All this is better to lay out on the shelves and gradually do. Forces for this will appear after March 19. Do not leave behind a tail, or the next such period can cover you with a head.


It's time to take care of yourself. If you have a vacation - the best time for recovery of the body can not be imagined. Take a trip to the sanatorium and enjoy a useful and enjoyable pastime. If this is not possible - sign in to the pool, go for a health massage or just start doing in the morning easy charging.


A wonderful month, if you do not indulge yourWeaknesses. March 16, there is a danger to spend all the money, so refrain from shopping. The planned purchase is better done on another day, otherwise you either overpay, or buy not what you need, for example, instead of a fridge-freezer. In the rest since March 11, quite a positive period.


The month of return to the past isA warning you will receive from a horoscope for March for the signs of the zodiac. You will always feel that this has already happened to you, only in a different way and with other people. Try to make original decisions, not to act stereotypically, then there is a chance that you will pass this lesson. Above all, do not give vent to anger and irritation: they are bad advisers. Do something that you do not do at all, it will relieve unnecessary tension.


If you have unfinished business or needDiscuss important issues - do not put it off until the end of the month. From the middle of March it will be much more difficult for you to negotiate with people or even find the strength to start something. Excellent day - March 28. You can say that you are temporarily on the throne. Use the position. Good luck!


This month you can turn mountains off, butSomehow do not want to ... Probably, the desire for action will appear in the second half of March and paired with strength will give you the opportunity to change for the better all aspects of life that seem not good enough. You can attract a partner to this good cause: his energy needs a vector and a guiding principle.


Most likely, all your time will be taken awayWork, at home and household strength is clearly not enough. Try not to take work at home or do it at home depending on the type of activity - then there will be a little time for your loved ones. For the organization of family leisure is better to choose an active holiday or at least a hike in the cinema.


Perhaps in the first half of the month of March youWill feel weak or malaise. In no case do not self-medicate, in any case, medicamental. It is best to contact a competent specialist. At work, a lot of duties will be added, but they can forget about premiums or salary increases. Be sure to stipulate in advance the terms of payment for additional work.

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