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Luck and success in the year of the Tiger

Tigers rarely ask for help from strangers,Preferring to cope with problems alone, they are hardworking, dynamic and able to respond flexibly to changes in the surrounding situation, adore travel and exotic dishes. Hard and uncompromising White (Metallic) Tiger enhances the qualities inherent in this sign.

- a symbol of energy, including love, not without reasonThe beginning of the year coincides with Valentine's Day. In order for the 2010th to promise luck and success in the year of the Tiger, put a Tiger figure or hang his image in the house and office.

The wealth in the coming year comes to those whoDo not be afraid of work. Meet the year of the Tiger is desirable in new clothes. The best color combination - red with gold or silver, is welcomed and a strip, the main thing is that it is not black - perhaps, so it will be possible to deceive fate, completely excluding dark stripes from life.

A great opportunity to doCareer. However, for this she will have to abandon the intrigues, which she can build. But all your new ideas are necessarily realized. Besides, he is lucky not only in business, but also in love. The main thing with such a bright, eventful life - do not forget about the timely rest. Success and success in the year of the Tiger will not pass you by.

. Eternal enemy of the Tiger, does not feel inSecurity: the Tiger provokes him, forcing him to do uncharacteristic actions. Luck smiles to those who are not afraid to challenge the fate. The rest is better to be careful and not to risk in vain. In the personal life, the Bulls expect pleasant surprises, and the work will be pleased with the financial stability.

Celebrates his year, for him there will be almost noImpossible. Someone will manage to get a good job, someone - to start their own business, someone - to meet the main man of his life. Do not be lazy and determine exactly what you want. The year is very successful financially, especially issues related to real estate will be resolved particularly easily.

Succeeds not in business and in career, but in personalLife. The family comes to the forefront: children, parents, spiritual evenings in a pleasant company. The cat does not like changes, so a year, during which you can not fuss, and sit at home in warmth and contentment will undoubtedly be especially warm. Unmarried and unmarried representatives of the sign will fully enjoy romantic adventures.

The Dragon
In 2010, he rests on his laurels: In previous years he did a good job. No problems are foreseen - neither material, nor career, and in personal life everything is fine. In order not to get bored, you can get a second higher education or take up a hobby, which was previously lacking in time. Success and success in the year of the Tiger we guarantee to you.

- the main astrological rival of the Tiger, thereforeThe coming year does not promise her easy victories. However, the strength and the onslaught of the enemy you can always oppose wisdom, restraint and intuition. She will tell you how to behave properly in difficult situations at work and in your personal life. Take this time to rest and gain strength, in the future they will be useful to you.

Great and pure love awaits. However, luck will accompany you everywhere, especially in matters relating to finance. True, this will have to work, but the possibilities for the application of forces will be unlimited. Quite possibly the main event in life - marriage, the birth of a child or career takeoff.

On own experience will be convinced, that a lifeStriped - something that yesterday seemed a serious problem, today it will be solved by itself. The spring will please with successes in career, summer - not only rest, but pleasant changes in private life, autumn will bring new monetary receipts. Particularly successful are promising creative projects.

A monkey
Will be sad: In 2010 she is just a spectator and can not influence what is happening, but for her active character it is simply unbearable. However, forced inaction will not affect material well-being. In addition, it is temporary, next year representatives of the sign are waiting for interesting events that require a lot of energy and energy.

Will have to wait with new ideas and projects,Time for them has not yet come. It's all to blame for the Rooster's incompatibility with the Tiger. In 2010, it's better to step back and wait, there will be a holiday on your street. In the professional sphere, too, everything is not smooth, however, no material problems are foreseen.

Is quite happy with how her life develops. In all your endeavors, success will accompany you, and others will appreciate your efforts on merit. The projects started in previous years will be successfully completed and will bring you solid dividends. True, some of your ideas are almost impossible to realize without the help of friends, but you can always count on it.

. It's time for change, but for youThey will be able to adapt to them and even find positive aspects in them. Does not stack up with new large-scale projects? So, you need to deal with current affairs and make plans for the future. Stars are advised to spend money sparingly and not participate in dubious financial enterprises. In his personal life - complete harmony, many in the coming year will be lucky enough to meet his soul mate.

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