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Astrological forecast for February 8 - 14, 2010

Aries. Those born near the borders of the sign (March 21-24 andApril 17-20), you should be careful. Especially at the beginning of the week. In some issues will have to be persevering. And someone has to make concessions. The second half of the week will be calm, without hassle. Aries born in the middle of the sign (25.03 - 16.04) were luckier. They all week will be productive and rich in interesting events. You can build grandiose plans - there is a high probability that everything will turn out.

Taurus. For you, the week will be ambiguous and prettyResponsible. Events outside, the inner world and even the state of health will change too often and for completely unknown reasons. There are possible disagreements with people close to you. We advise you to look for support from friends. But do not overload them with your problems.

Twins. Responsibility, diligence, personal charm andThe ability to show oneself in the best light will attract the attention of many people to you. You will have something to surprise them with. But you should not revel in your popularity. It is better to think about how to get the most out of a profitable situation. The only nuance is that the astrological forecast for Gemini, born on June 17 - 20, is not very favorable. A week can bring disagreements with colleagues and friends. You do not have to worry - just be more reserved.

Cancer. Week will be ambiguous. It is possible that the clarification of relations with colleagues or relatives will be very stormy. Even the usually calm Cancers can reach the "boiling point" and go out in earnest. However, not all days will be explosive. And it pleases. It is in these days that events are possible that can change your life radically - for the better. Do not blink them.

A lion. Increased efficiency of the July LionsWill bear fruit. But if you poke your nose into other people's business, you can be pinched by it. Lions born in August need to take care. There are problems both at work and with health. Colleagues and relatives will not help you much. Perhaps they are used to the fact that you are coping with your own problems. In a word - fate is preparing you a bandwagon. But if warned, then armed.

Virgo. This week, the August virgins are not veryFavors. There can be unpleasant events that will put your credibility in doubt. Council - do not fuss at work or in your personal life. The September Virgin will be in combat form. During this period they can turn as a successful business operation, and solve the old problems in their personal lives. The stars will be favorable to you. And situations will be resolved in your favor.

Libra. September weights are recommended more carefullyTo control the situation. Problems will have to be circumvented in jewelry both in professional and personal matters. Libra, born in October, the stars on the contrary will shine brightly and warmly. Schedule as many important cases as possible for this period. Because such a successful combination of stars does not happen often. Believe in your lucky star - and you will succeed!

Scorpio. For October Scorpions, February will be issuedSuccessful. But to realize your plans, you will have to be hyperactive. And then a favorable combination of circumstances will not keep you waiting. In the November Scorpions, the situation is not so rosy. Add problems, will start to make mistakes intuition. Therefore, harnessing to a serious matter, really appreciate your strength. Be careful with long-term projects, because the whole of February you can not rely on the support of the stars.

Sagittarius. A week will be favorable for you andProductive. The astrological forecast predicts enviable enthusiasm and inexhaustible energy that will ensure the implementation of all your plans. It is possible that you will meet with people whose opinions are worth listening to. Their view of life will lead you to make the right decisions. But Sagittarius, born December 17 - 20 will have to bypass the sharp corners and not succumb to all sorts of provocations.

Capricorn. It is possible that the December CapricornsWill pull on the adventure. However, the outcome of these adventures can deliver more headaches than vivid impressions. Do not give in to temptation, and you will remain in paradise. January Capricorns will be on the shoulder. You will prove yourself as an interesting bright personality. You will not only strengthen your position, but also acquire new useful links.

Aquarius. January Aquarius will have to fight with the windMills. Not a very interesting lesson to explain to someone obvious things. People born from 25.01 to 16.02 will be the focus of attention. They will be able to enjoy well-deserved labor successes. They will be supported by both loved ones and colleagues. Those born in mid-February should not ignore other people's interests. This can be bad for your relationship. But from Thursday the stars will help you in all matters.

Fish. People born under this sign of the zodiac will beAre satisfied with the astrological forecast. You have every chance to achieve a meaningful result in many spheres of life. Intuition will help to choose the most correct and easy way to implement your plan. Discard the infallible logic and trust the sixth sense better. It should not let you down. A romantic and exciting meeting is possible this week. And only Pisces, born March 17 - 20, you can feel a little sympathetic. The beginning of the week can turn out to be fussy. Relatives and colleagues will pester their problems. All this takes a lot of time and patience.

To trust or not to an astrological forecast for February 8 - 14, 2010 is your business. But it's better to be prepared for possible problems. And joyful events will find you.

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