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The biggest mistakes women make in sex

First error - there is no initiative from you.

In sex, women often take a passiveSide, because they do not want to seem aggressive or persistent. Sexologists consider this mistake the biggest, it is associated with the distribution of social roles between a man and a woman. It is believed that women, unlike men, are less sexually active. Therefore, a man constantly feels himself as an initiator, and this seriously affects relations, introducing an imbalance in them. Men want to be as tempted by their partners, so that there is no feeling that they only need sex.

Both partners must be sexualactivity. If you take the first step, then take responsibility for sexual experiences. This greatly improves the quality of sex, and also brings partners closer.

The second female mistake in sex - You are worried about how you look.

You probably will not get satisfaction from sex,If you constantly think about the appearance in bed. Your frustration will spread to your partner, in this case, sex can be considered failed.

Scientists have scientifically proved that men do not notice andHalf of those things that make you uneasy. Lubricated makeup, a form of hips and abdomen, a spoiled haircut, cellulite - men do not care. Only in bed for men there comes such selective blindness. For them, your enthusiasm, your energy and interest in sexual contact are much more important.

Third error - you think that sex for men is more important than the relationship itself.

This is also the greatest misconception in sexualRelations. In a long relationship, men value sex more than just casual sex. Conducted scientific research confirmed that in the context of relationships for women and men, sexual intimacy is more satisfactory. Therefore, the most frequent and best sexual intercourse happens between spouses.

It is proved that men have a more serious attitude towards sex and relationships than women.

Fourth error - You think that men are always ready for sex.

This trait is typical for teenagers,Than for men. In everyday life, stress reduces the male libido, this may not be a very pleasant woman. But remember, if a man does not want, then he does not "in general" want, and not just "with you."

Fifth mistake - During sex you do not say what you want from him.

Your partner must know exactly what you want, and you must listen to him. The only way to achieve a stable sexual relationship is a frank conversation, even if you do not like it.

Until a woman takes responsibility for her sexual experience, a man can not bring her to orgasm. Even the best lover in the world does not know exactly what a woman wants.

A man is interested in satisfyingYour sexual desires, so your initiative he will accept with joy. But in order not to distort the male self-esteem, you need to find the right words.

The Sixth Error - if he offers something new, you are upset.

After several years of family life, you always want some variety in sexual relations. If a partner proposes to try something new in sex, it does not mean that he is unhappy with sex.

You do not have to do what you do not want. Especially it concerns an intimate sphere. If the partner insists, let your partner know clearly why you do not want to do this. But at the same time, you must choose words that do not hurt him.

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