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Chinese love horoscope for 2010

Born in the year of the Rat.

January February March: According to the Chinese love horoscope for 2010You can easily succumb to the feelings. With a misty, loving gaze, you will find it difficult to distinguish true intentions from deception. You can make a lot of mistakes. Some will seek in vain for perfect love. Others can even leave their old partner and sigh for another, not realizing that they are chasing a mirage. If you do not want to spend your energy in vain, resisting your desire to run headlong, no one knows where. You think about saving yourself for someone who can appreciate you and make you happy.

April May June: There is a high probability that you will have to chooseBetween love and money. This explosive mixture can disrupt your immediate plans. Make decisions thoughtfully! Remember that true love comes from the heart, not from the wallet.

July August September: The Chinese proverb says: "Love is in all eyes and does not see anything." Your dreams will soar in the celestial spheres. The stars will make you dream about such a perfect chosen one that it is unlikely that you will meet him. Come back from heaven to earth! Earth inhabitants with small defects are much more interesting than infallible angels who live only in your mind. Try to open your eyes wider. Since you risk these days to make mistakes in love matters.

October, November, December: With the onset of cold weather in relations with the stallsBright events will give way to monotony. Calm evenings will allow you to rethink your feelings on a sober head. You can finally start a real dialogue with each other, understand the inner world of the partner. If you do not already have a loved one, do not ignore noisy parties. You will have excellent chances to "get stuck" in a romantic story.

Born in the year of the Bull.

January February March: If you are already a full-fledged mistress of the home,Then during this period you will be able to become even closer with your spouse or partner. Many of you will be able to overcome a difficult stage, marked by some coldness in the relationship. You can melt the ice in your hearts and warm the atmosphere of your home. But if you live alone, be careful! The configuration of the planets will facilitate the active search for a partner. But experience can be bleak. You can become attached to a person who is not interested in you. Or get carried away by a married man who will not divorce for you.

April May June: If you live in a pair, then the stars are even biggerWarm up your feelings. You will often soar in the seventh heaven with happiness with your husband or partner. And if you are still alone, the stars will give you many interesting meetings. On your way, you are sure to meet the person you have been dreaming about for so long. Your feelings will grow into a real passion, both physiologically and intellectually. Dare - because the game is worth the candle.

July August September: You will strive for a common harmony inRelationship with your spouse or partner. Pursuing this goal, do not seek absolute harmony. It is not always achievable. Be wise and do not worry about this. By acting in this way, you will have excellent chances to noticeably improve your relationship in pairs. A substantial part of the time for free ladies will take place in search of sensual pleasures with one or several partners. It is not necessary to talk about long-term relationships. And out of respect for partners do not make frivolous and insincere confessions of love.

October, November, December: Planets will be supportive of people living inPair. Your relationship will gain new strength. But some girls will be attracted to another person. It will not be easy for them to resist the temptation. And if they "twist" the underground romance, the consequences will be sad not only in the relationship with the former partner, but also with the secret lover. If you do not have a serious relationship with someone else, this is the most favorable time for a fateful meeting. But remember - under the sedentary stone water will not flow.

Born in the year of the Tiger.

January February March: Some couples may lose their reputation inSociety after the "innocent pranks" of one or both partners. Winter is a good time for widows and widowers to find a partner in life. For many, a favorable event will happen very quickly. Also this time is favorable for bachelors - good chances for a pleasant acquaintance.

April May June: Time of sincere self-interest and complications in amorousAffairs. The stars seem to play your love. You will toss from one partner to another. Then tormented in search of ideal love, then craving purely sexual relations. Baffled and frustrated will begin to "play love", even if the partner's intentions are the most serious. To cope with the situation, decide what you want. Or a serious relationship, or fleeting hobbies.

July August September: Under the influence of the planet Venus, the goddess of love, alreadyEducated couples will experience a rush of passion during this period. With people who are unencumbered by strong ties, friendly relations with the opposite sex can grow into true love. But do not fall for the pitfalls, if your feelings are based only on spiritual kinship. For family life, sexual attraction is also important.

October, November, December: It's time to seriously rethink yourromantic relationship. Especially if the current situation does not give you complete satisfaction. In today's world, cohabitation is considered the norm. People who live in a civil marriage also consider themselves to be a family. But whatever they say, it is the combination of sacred bonds - the peak of the relationship between a man and a woman. In addition, marriage has clear advantages and benefits.

Born in the year of the Cat.

January February March: Add some imagination to the relationship with the partner. Run away from routine and from monotony, as from plague. In love there is no more terrible catastrophe than the death of the imagination. Create and your efforts will be rewarded with stars. During March, marital life may be overshadowed by some problems. To solve them, you will have to make a difficult choice. However, the road will be mastered by the going. The main thing is to consult your satellite before making a fateful decision. If you live alone, then you can not escape the gusts of feelings. Judging by the location of the stars, your love adventures will be sexual, not platonic.

April May June: Prepare for important events during this period. Everything that you say and do will be appreciated. You will have many opportunities to meet nice people. You will be irresistible and sexy. The path will be free to conquer the object of your dreams. The stars will give you an arrangement if you live in a pair. As a result, your marital relationship will become more understandable: you will understand the feelings and intentions of your partner. This will help you to approve the actions of the partner. Even if they seem unexpected and controversial to you.

July August September: During this period, you should always listenTo the opinion of your second half. Especially in matters relating to your future. If you are alone, the stars will help a romantic meeting, adding to you an irresistible charm.

October, November, December: This period will be particularly favorable forLovers. You can deepen your relationship with a partner, become even more beloved. In your heart there will be a feast. But the "free swallows" will not be ready for a stable relationship. They will fly left and right. In December, the stars will take care of your feelings, your happiness and desire to connect hearts with your loved ones. Therefore, in the last month of the year many people born in the year of the Cat will acquire families and give way to a new generation.

Born in the year of the Dragon.

January February March: If you want to admit your feelings, then this is the most favorable time. Do not hesitate to confess your love for a personYour dreams. You can effortlessly find the right words to express the emotions that overwhelm you. The young lady, whose heart is free, can get acquainted with a rich foreigner who will play an important role in your life.

April May June: Chinese horoscope shows that your relationshipWith a legal or civil husband will not be cloudless during this period. Particularly tense relations can develop in April. Attention - do not pretend that nothing happens. Have the courage to resolutely "open the abscess", calmly and sincerely discuss the accumulated contradictions. The luminary is not very favorable to lonely people. To escape from loneliness in these months will not be easy.

July August September: In the third decade you will be reborn from the ashes. Optimism, friendliness and self-confidence will become your companions. If you have not met a soul mate, do not be discouraged. Trust the lucky star - your loneliness is coming to an end. But you should take care of yourself from stress and strong emotional experiences.

October, November, December: A new stage in your personal life. The influence of the planets will moderate the sensory sphere. You will be more careful in expressing your emotions. After all, you many times fell into delicate situations because of the fact that they acted spontaneously and ill-conceived. It is necessary to tame your emotions as a wild beast, so as not to lose the next time.

Born in the year of the Serpent.

January February March: It is impossible to live all your life in euphoria. The first two months your life will be calm, but pleasant. But in the third month the influence of the stars will be so strong that it inflames the passion even in the icy hearts.

April May June: In the first two months you will be inA state of joyous recklessness. Your Brownian movement will foster a happy meeting. You can accidentally meet an old friend, succumb to the charm of a neighbor or fall in love with a new employee at work. In June, there will be a favorable time to take matters into your own hands and strengthen your relationship. You can express your feelings very well to someone you really love.

July August September: Avoid the influence of rational thoughts on yourfeelings. Relax, take life as it is. Enjoy every pleasant moment. Good news for the lonely. In the third decade there is a high probability of meeting your future mate. Probably, this love will last a lifetime!

October, November, December: The first two months will turn out to be uncommon, whenLove will be strong, expressive, contrast. You can alternately fall into hell, then soar into paradise. Some of you will try to return a former partner. But his repentance may be insincere. Be on the alert, maybe he needs something from you.

Born in the year of the Horse.

January February March: Listen to the advice of the Chinese horoscopeLove for 2010. Be careful and try not to ignore your partner. A little attention, affectionate word will strengthen your union. Think about how to strengthen your social position. From this, your family relationships will improve noticeably, and new constructive ideas will appear. Persons who do not have a constant companion will enjoy free love. The big selfless love will certainly be, but most likely later.

April May June: This is a very favorable time to legitimizeromantic relationship. But before taking such a radical step, take the time and finally weigh everything. And if your intentions are sincere, the union will be based on understanding and tolerance. As the proverb says: "Keep your eyes open before you marry, and half-closed when you are married." Already educated couples will be in harmony.

July August September: Take advantage of this blessed period,To plunge into the abyss of passion. Do "this" everywhere - in nature, in the hayloft, in any secluded corner. Try to keep your intimacy from interfering with the views of unkind envious persons.

October, November, December: This period will make your life smooth and pleasant. Partners will strengthen their ties. Free as the wind people, tired of the passions, will need solitude and peace. The marriage concluded during this period will be successful.

Born in the year of Goats.

January February March: Say thank you to the Chinese horoscope - You expect a "pink" period. Thanks to the powerful protection of the stars, you will be very happy in love. Your life with a partner will be generally harmonious and pleasant. Also this period is favorable for single people. There is a high probability of meeting a person who will fill your life with joy.

April May June: At the beginning of the second decade unmarried and unmarriedCan experience a sense of loneliness and misunderstanding. But by May the stars will be favorable to you, you will learn about real and strong love. Be prepared for an unexpected, but fateful meeting that will change your life and bring many, many happiness. Also the period is favorable for already existing pairs. Partners will be in blissful bliss.

July August September: In July you will have to collect all your will into a fist. You can wait for a period of cooling relations. Irritation, envy, hidden and obvious conflicts can lead to quarrel. Partners will demand too much from each other. Also, the summer period is unfavorable for creating a new relationship. The tension will ease by September. At the end of the decade, the stars will be replaced by anger at mercy. For a couple who has been living in a civil marriage for a long time, this is a good time for the conclusion of an official union and the subsequent honeymoon.

October, November, December: At that time You will be absorbed in love. Use the help of stars to increase your popularity. But do not lift your nose to the skies, but stand firmly on the ground. You know what you want, and boldly get it. To legalize a secret union, December is not the best time. There will always be different unforeseen obstacles, everything can go awry at the most inopportune moment. Postpone the marriage until next year.

Born in the year of the Monkey.

January February March: According to the Chinese horoscope, the stars will be to youSupportive in this period. If you live in a pair, then the weather in the house will be warm and sunny. If you live alone, this is definitely not for long. Open your eyes wider! The person you are looking for is very close.

April May June: The first two months will bring you luck. Your craziest desires will be fulfilled. Sensual as a flame, you can seduce anyone. If you already live in a pair, be careful. Your power over men can cause jealousy of a partner and complicate life. During the last month under the influence of the moon you can become too demanding in love. Lucky and lonely girls. Sensual and gentle, you will attract the attention of the opposite sex without even knowing it.

July August September: At this time, dramatic changes in theYour relationships with other people. There is a high probability of conflicts, jealousy, disputes over trifles - especially in July. If you value relationships with your boyfriend or husband, be prepared and do not provoke conflict situations. Fortunately, in August the stars will move to another sector, and your loved one will be able to impersonate you with his tenderness and love. Singles at the end of the decade will be lucky to meet an interesting partner.

October, November, December: Couples formed recently can faceCertain problems in mutual understanding. The atmosphere of harmony and euphoria will come into conflict with the problems of the real world. Think about your social life. Do not close your shell. Free from men will take advantage of the power of seduction to lose this freedom.

Born in the year of the Rooster.

January February March: This time the stars are very favorable to yourPassions. You will be engaged in heart affairs, pushing professional affairs to the background. Careful, because your professional activities can suffer from your carelessness. Try to maintain balance: equally devote yourself and love and work. If you live in a pair, above your head will be a cloudless sky. Except for the last month. In March, several storm clouds may be raining. But after a thunder-storm the sun always looks out. Unpaired inhabitants will remain indecisive, what should they do next. In times of doubt, it is better not to enter into conjugal unions.

April May June: These days you will learn and unforgettable momentsDelight, and unbearable suffering. You will be the main character in a melodrama called love. The richest in emotions will be the end of May and the whole of June. Free inhabitants of the earth, changing partners like gloves, can suddenly get into love networks. Even if you show your independence and indifference, the tone of your voice will tell the truth for you. If you fall in love, then admit it. Perhaps this is your lucky chance.

July August September: You will be tempted to play strangersFeelings, using their power of seduction. Be careful, for the sake of your pleasure, you can break other people's hearts. Especially bright emotions you will experience in September. You try to sit on two chairs. That is, you can have two partners, absolutely different from each other. But they will touch the secret strings of the soul, from the music of which you can not refuse. One melody will be romantic and refined. And the other is dynamic and loud.

October, November, December: This period will be happy and bring youSignificant changes on the love front. Perhaps you will meet someone you love at first sight. You, too, will like this person. He will not be able to resist your charms of seduction. Nevertheless, it is dangerous to mix business and feelings. Such a mixture may be explosive for you.

Born in the year of the Dog.

January February March: In the first decade is a good chance to get acquaintedWith a representative of the elite. You will have similar views on many issues: political, philosophical, social. Creative people will find in this love creative inspiration. But good relationships can sometimes be interspersed with some problems. They will mainly deal with: what to spend common money for. Meanwhile, all this probably will not lead to serious consequences. And by the end of March your spiritual connection will grow stronger.

April May June: This is not the most successful time for sexual pleasure. The stars will evoke weakness and apathy. However, do not worry in vain. The melancholy will not last long. If you want, you can fix the situation differently. For example, include imagination and imagination. Creative approach is important even in love joys.

July August September: Using the favor of stars, you canTake advantage of your charm by 100%. Winning someone's heart for you will not be difficult. But there is a danger that for unconstrained sex you will not notice your possible love. People who want to acquire a family will have to be more reserved and not to put their independence in the absolute.

October, November, December: Your love will strive for a certainStability, but this does not prevent you from living a more intense emotional life. For single people, changing the situation can be very favorable and be based on a stable and serious alliance.

Born in the year of the Pig.

January February March: This is not yet a period of absolute happiness, to whichYou aspire. But you can already expect to see remarkable events. If you are free and constantly "play" with different partners, it is better to moderate your ardor in the first decade. Do not endlessly flirt with fire. You can burn badly.

April May June: The first two months of this period will be verySuccessful for bachelors and bachelors. Your life can change abruptly in any of the days. Chinese love horoscope prophesies exciting and exciting adventures. Couples who are bound by marriage will have a second wind. They too will be drawn to pleasure and pleasure. But in June, excessive passion can lead to problems in relations with the stalls.

July August September: In July, tension will continue andUnderstatement in relationships with a loved one. You will be tortured by false doubts and unreasonable anxieties. Despite the partner's assurances of love and devotion. Try to cope with self-esteem and selfishness. It will be a long time before you begin to feel confident and remember what happiness is. Relationships will be adjusted closer to September.

October, November, December: In the fourth quarter you are guaranteed happiness andlove. Your affairs will go perfectly, whether you are married or alone. The atmosphere around your personality will be filled with harmony. You will be drawn into people: theater, cinema, concerts. If you want to get rid of loneliness, then you will certainly find your soul mate.

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