/ How to dissuade a girl from a tattoo

How to dissuade a girl from a tattoo

Practice clearly demonstrates that thisThe infatuation of girls almost always causes a negative reaction in their admirers. According to recent research, among young men between the ages of 20 to 27 years of fans of tattoos their partners have only 18 people out of a hundred. But these young lovers stand out with the original tattoo does not bother. So what should a fan in love do if his passion decides to go to the tattoo parlor? It turns out that there are ways to dissuade a girl from reckless act.

Illustration of perspectives.

And the most effective of them is to present it to theAll colors life after drawing. What is a beautiful woman afraid of most of all? Another hero of the famous novel, A. Dumas, solved this riddle: any woman, though somewhat convinced of her beauty, is most afraid of being mutilated. And the sad stories of recognized beauties, whose beauty was swept away by the intense jealousy of their lovers, this truth is only confirmed.

This female quality is best and laid inThe basis of the beloved's conviction to abandon the tattoo. She can not only tell you that the infection brought in during the drawing can do with her skin, but also demonstrate it vividly: there are many pictures in the network. In addition, do not neglect the scientific fact that with the procession of years the skin of a man is stretched, and the paint of the tattoo is erased. Accordingly, after 5-7 years, this picture will look truly blasphemous. On the one hand, such an argument will show the girl that her chosen one intends to spend with her at least ten years. On the other hand, this will make her think about the success of the decision in the long term.

Women are famous for their inconstancy. And they themselves perfectly understand that this quality is inherent in them. So why in search of the most successful idea about how to dissuade a girl from a tattoo, not to take advantage of this female weakness? To paint her in all colors, how painfully it will be for her to see the same picture for many years, how hard it will be to decide on another painful campaign in the salon to reduce the tattoo and what a terrible scar after its removal remains.

An error that can still be fixed.

If pictures of a sad future after applicationTattoos did not break the girl's desires, then we can offer her a constructive compromise. In the end, the man's reluctance to see the tattoo on the skin of his beloved is due, in no way, to his complexities or his selfish desire to simply forbid anything. He's worried about his mate. What does not cancel his desire to make her happy. Accordingly, he may well rather than persuade her and spend valuable moments of staying together for quarrels, help her understand that she does not really want to do a tattoo.

To do this, it is sufficient to agree to an imitationTattoos: it can be called a breakdown, a preliminary stage or fitting, - for each girl will suit its name. The figure applied by henna is washed off in a short 2-3 weeks, which the girl will be enough to understand that she does not need a tattoo. Understanding this can come by itself, and can be provoked by the comments of her chosen one. Only to make negative comments about the drawing should be very cautious and tactful. The presence of an imaginary tattoo does not at all cancel out the increased sensitivity of the female sex. If this understanding does not appear, then you can dissuade the girl from the tattoo in other ways, but it is very good to think whether it is worth while to dissuade her, if after that she will be burning with desire. Perhaps this is the very case of true desire, the failure of which will make a beloved, even a little, but unhappy?


Girls are different. Sometimes they act like children. And in that case it's enough just to distract her attention with something more attractive than the tattoo. As a distracting maneuver, you can use anything: from a compliment, to a chic gift. Only to offer it is necessary to have real values, and not to give it the name of the price of refusal. Otherwise, a sense of contradiction may prevail in her and on the question that she will replace her with a tattoo, she will certainly answer-nothing.

Of course, how many pairs, so many featuresBuilding relations between them. There is an equality somewhere, and he has nothing to forbid her. In another pair of bosses all tyrannies - then she practices a tyranny in relation to his love for walks with friends, then he arranges scandals for her, accompanying offensive words with strict prohibitions and restrictions. People build their relationships in different ways. The values ​​that are relevant for each of the communication participants can also be different. So, to dissuade from a tattoo can be not only through the substitutes desired, but also through demotivation. Simply put, the statement of an ultimatum is of the type "either we, or the tattoo".

When heavy artillery enters the battle.

Sometimes neither persuasion nor exhortation helps, norBribery, intimidation. And he does not want to lose his beloved. Here he has only one way. More precisely, two, but the second - to give in to the girl and allow to make a tattoo. And the alternative to this extreme decision will be to involve in the process of discouraging those whose opinion it respects. Or whose condemnation she is afraid of. Of course, to begin with, you can only threaten to tell your parents about her intentions. But not always the older generation treats the tattoo prejudice. Therefore, everyone who can hypothetically listen: the brothers, girlfriends, colleagues, parents (including him) can go to the course. You can draw even to the idol for the purity of women's skin - if this, for example, is a domestic star not of a particularly high flight. True, you'll have to spend a lot of money.

If among the girl's environment most of herThe decision is supported, then you can try to change their opinion by telling whose original part it was - tattoos. Almost everyone knows about the fact that criminals and patients of psychiatric hospitals began to bring them first. In addition, in communicating with your beloved girlfriends, you can also use an argument based on the fact that tattoos are the lot of those girls who have nothing else to stand out for.

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