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Prayer for Christmas: texts of prayers. What power does prayer have for Christmas?

Prayer is a mental or verbal appeal to theGod. It can be a request, thanksgiving, remorse. You can talk in prayer to heaven at any time, the content of the conversation can also be different.

The power of prayer in the Nativity of Christ

Through prayer, a person receives spiritualBalance, calmness and hope. Sometimes a direct dialogue with God allows you to leave a heavy load, feel lightness, freedom and get hope. Of course, this is possible only on condition that a person really has faith and fully opens his soul in moments of conversion.

What are the prayers?

The text of the prayer can be of a free form, whenMentally or aloud the words coming from the heart are spoken out. This is a good way when a person wants to talk to God, but does not know how. Such prayers are called private.

There are public prayers. These are the texts that came to us from distant times. Today they are available to all comers, have a clear structure, and their essence consists in turning to God, the saints. The meaning of public prayer is divided into several types:
  • Thankful;
  • Prayers of supplication;
  • Prayers of repentance.
A special meaning and strength is the prayerPriest in the temple. It is believed that such treatment is heard first. In addition, prayers that are timed to great church feasts, for example, a prayer for Christ's Nativity, Easter, have a great effect.

How to pray for Christmas

Christmas is one of the biggestChurch holidays in the year. It is celebrated on January 7 and reminds Christians of high truths, it is an example of piety, virtue. The prayer for the Nativity of Christ has great power and possibilities. If these days you turn to heaven with an open mind, repent sincerely, ask with all your heart, then the praying person will be heard.
The evening before the holiday is called Christmas Eve (fromThe word "osovo" is a cereal porridge, which the people call kutya). Traditionally eat Christmas Eve on the eve of the holiday. There is a tradition, there is nothing to eat until the first star, but it is not prescribed by the charter.
Praying for Christmas is better in the temple. As a rule, on a sacred night, there is always a service, during which there is a conversion, the praise of Jesus Christ. Christmas service is distinguished by solemnity and festive atmosphere.
If you can not visit the temple, you canPray at home, for example for a holy supper. First of all, thank God for the opportunity to drink and eat. Do this before the icon or sitting at the table. On the feast of the Nativity of Christ they turn to God, Jesus Christ, the Theotokos, the saints. The head of the meal is the father of the family. At the very beginning of the feast is read a fragment of the Gospel of St. Luke about the birth of Jesus Christ. Then there is a joint family prayer.

You can pray as follows:
"Lord Jesus Christ our God,Our salvation for the sake of the earth in the flesh is revealed, and from the Immortal and the Most Pure Virgin Mary inordinate birth! We thank Tha, as You have granted us, the feat of fasting of those who have been purged, to attain the great feast of Your Nativity, and in the joy of the spiritual with the angels chant thee, with the shepherds of glorification, and with the wise men worship. We thank Thy, as by Your great mercy and infinite indulgence towards our infirm, consolation of us now not with the abundance of abundant food by the spiritual, but also with the feast of the feast. "
"We pray to Thee, opening Thy generous hand,Who fulfills all your living blessings, gives food to all, according to the time and the rules of the church, bless the festive meal, your faithful people are prepared, in particular, from above obeying the Charter of your Church, in the past days of fasting your servants abstained, so that they will eat them with thanksgiving In health, in the reinforcement of the bodily forces, in joy and joy. Yes, we, every kind of contentment are in abundance, we will be abundant in good works, and from the fullness of the grateful heart, glorify Thy, nourishing and comforting us, as well as Your Father and the Holy Spirit, who is without origin, for ever and ever. Amen".
It is known that the prayer for the Nativity of Christ has great power. But it is important that communication with God be sincere, sincere.

Prayer for Christmas in Orthodox churches

For over two hundred years, the glad tidings of Christ have come, who came to earth, revealed to us God, and by his resurrection affirmed the eternal victory over death and sin, giving mankind the present and the future.
In Orthodox churches, the service, as a rule,Begins on the evening of January 6, then it joins the liturgy, the solemn morning service, and lasts until the morning. Morning service necessarily includes chants praising the Savior, the troparion of the Nativity of Christ is read (a chant revealing the essence of the holiday), stichera (a kind of troparion).

The text of the Troparion of the Nativity of Christ

"Thy Nativity, O Christ our God, shine the light of the world: in it thou shalt worship the stars of the servant, thou shalt take pleasure in the star, thou shalt worship, the sun of righteousness, and unto thee from the height of the East: Lord, glory to Thee."
Russian translation: "Your Nativity, Christ our God, has illumined the world with the light of knowledge, for through him to stars the stars who were serving to you were taught to worship You, the Sun of Righteousness, and to know You from the height of the Rising Sun. Lord, glory to Thee! "
The Holy Church cares for all people, inParticularly those who have not yet found the right path. The prayer for Christmas in the church is not only joyful songs, but also zealous petitions about every Christian soul searching for God.

Kontakion of the Nativity of Christ

"Now the Virgin is exalting the Presubstantial, and the earth brings the crooked to the Unapproachable: the angels with the shepherds glorify, and with the star travel with the stars: for the sake of the birth of the Orotcha Mlado, the Eternal God."
Russian translation: "A virgin in this day gives birth to the Supernatural, and the earth brings the cave to the Unapproachable; The angels with the shepherds glorify, the wise men behind the star travel, for for us a child of a young, ancestral God was born. "
During prayer, remember that the powers of heaven are nearby and God is patronizing. The prayer for Christmas will be heard. The main thing to do this with a sincere soul, pure heart and thoughts.
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