/ How to help a man decide on a wedding?

How to help a man decide on a wedding?

What can be done to bring the long-awaiteddevelopments? Or another question: how to help a man decide on a wedding? You can make a proposal itself, not by direct text of course, but gently hint about it. For example, "Darling, do you think we can get married? ", For courageous women, the option" Dear, I want you to be my husband "is appropriate. But such proposals should be made only in the case if the relationship is already quite long and stable, so that these phrases do not frighten the man, but rather forced him to think. It is important to think about how and where to start a conversation about a wedding, preferably during a romantic dinner or at home, where no one can stop you. The main thing is not to be afraid to talk about it, because long-term relationships, by themselves already are a sign of trust of partners. If a man has not refused, but has given any reason why he considers marriage to be impossible at the moment, do not get upset. Listen to it and based on its response, you will be clear about the further course of action. Do not press on the man and put him all kinds of conditions, such as "Or you decide on a wedding, or we part! ", On the contrary, it is necessary to be with him as patient and affectionate as possible. To give examples of happy families, to dream about a pleasant pastime with their future babies, to spend more time with their friends who have already got their families. A man who sees happy married couples will stop being afraid and avoiding family ties, and will understand that the construction of his happy life is completely in his hands. It happens that when asked about marriage, a man starts talking about the fact that until he achieves that, until he buys a car, an apartment, until he builds a successful career, he does not marry. In this situation, the aspirations of a man need to be supported in every possible way. You can try to convince him that marriage is not a hindrance in the implementation of his aspirations, but you will on the contrary support and help to carry out what you have conceived, which can also help bring the wedding closer.

Sometimes a short-termparting. A loving man is sure to be very bored and more willing to let go of his faithful for more than a day, which can also speed up the decision to marry him.

As a rule, men have hundreds of arguments,Why they are not in a hurry to marry. But still they marry, despite their devotion to freedom and independence. And if you know the main reasons that help a man decide on a wedding, persuade a loved one to long-awaited family ties and find happiness with him will not be difficult.

Hardly the most basic reason for joiningMen in marriage is sex. Depending on lifestyle and age, it may be a need for regular sex, or vice versa, relaxation and relaxation from a past sex marathon. Young inexperienced boys, when entering into marriage, mistakenly believe that the key to regular sex is marriage, and because of their inexperience they are mistaken, because sex is not the most important component of a happy family life. Some girls consider it unacceptable to enter into sexual relations before the wedding, which also causes a man to marry. The next reason, the voluntary entry into a legal relationship with a beloved woman is that a man gets tired of household chores. For some, the bachelor's way of life turns into a real hell. After finding a wife, the need for washing, cooking and cleaning from the man disappears by itself. The next common cause is the fear of losing your favorite woman. In this case, as a rule, love plays the decisive role. This reason is the most conscious entering into a marriage of love. Although there are situations where the partner begins to use the strong love of his second half and in every possible way to manipulate them. Marriage "on the fly". An old and well-known reason. By the way, deservedly considered one of the strongest marriages, because a man taking responsibility for his actions, marrying the mother of his unborn child, already shows by his act the seriousness of his intentions. "You need to get married. Because so it is necessary "- the reason connected with force of a habit and traditions of life of the average man. Whether Soviet education, or mentality, but a more tedious and simple reason not to find. He may not even have a special love for his chosen one, he can take care of himself and he does not need a wife, but all friends have long got their wives and children and he needs. Or sometimes a man meets his chosen one for many years and the parents of both parties have long married them, the man understands that it's time to transfer relations with a beloved to a new level, so the man has no other choice - "it's time to get married". Marriage of convenience. Yes, yes, men get married no less often than women. A wedding for money, career, propiska or citizenship has long become the norm in the life of a modern man. Such marriage unions remain quite strong, due to the fact that a man is dependent on a woman and for a sustainable financial situation or career advancement, is able to marry, even despite adherence to his freedom. Sometimes men marry by yielding to the vagaries of their chosen one. Tired of endless phrases like, "When will we get married? "," I so want that we become a husband and wife, "he succumbs to the desire of his partner and marries her. Well, the most common and banal reason is of course love. The desire to have children from a beloved woman, to be always close to her one and only, that they are the main driving forces of a man's desire to officially legalize relations with a woman. No matter how sad the truth of life was, some men decide to marry, so that they can calmly go to the left, believing that the stamp in the passport will keep the woman in spite of his adventures and betrayals and the wife will not go anywhere. Of course, such a relationship will only bring suffering to a woman, so be careful choosing a life partner, because the trust and understanding on the part of both partners is the key to a healthy and happy marriage!

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