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I love both whom to choose, I do not know

In fact, in the case of: I love both whom to choose, I do not know, it is impossible to adjust anything to one general framework. In each "I love" there are specific factors that need to be taken into account to solve the problem. Therefore, we need to simulate the situation in which this "love the two" arose, and then deal with it.

So, why can not I choose? Let's say a girl says "I do not know", because the following situation has developed. Our heroine is quite a young lady. It's not a question of choosing someone for whom she is going to get married in the near future. She has a young man. This is her first, adult true love, about which she dreamed and long sought. At them, at first sight, all is quite good. But, in fact, there are many "do not know" and "do not understand." The lady sees his minuses in him, is offended and upset, but still continues to believe in his feelings and in their bright future.

And then another young man appears. Outwardly and character traits, he is completely different from her boyfriend. And, most importantly, initially he does not pretend to take his place. He is a good friend, practically a brother, with whom he is insanely comfortable spiritually and mentally. However, when time passes, it turns out that feelings for him are not at all brotherly. She sees in this young man a man and understands that he is not indifferent to her. And, most interestingly, in his eyes to her are read also not friendly feelings. This is where the dilemma begins. How to act and with whom to be? After all, it seems that the girl loves both, just in different ways.

In fact, it is necessary, above all, to understand,From whom the girl is able to refuse. And from someone she still will have to give up. Even if one of the two guys offers a friendship, and he agrees, this friendship will be difficult for him and for her. Especially if he monogamous and feelings will not pass in a year or two.

In this case, it is necessary to understand who she is afraid ofLose the most. And, most importantly, what is really important to her is the friendship of this person or his presence in life, as a more significant character. Still, a good friend can still be found, although this will be difficult. But if it turns out that this guy was really her love, then, in time, she will simply start "biting her elbows." That's why you need to understand who you love. Our feelings sometimes mix and get confused, but if you listen to yourself and answer all the questions honestly, then you can understand yourself. Some ladies turn to a psychologist to sort out their experiences and make the right choice. Of course, this is an option, but you can figure it out yourself.

First you need to understand why you are datingWith one young man, and why you are so drawn to the second. Perhaps the girl simply does not want to let go of her dream or is afraid of serious changes. She wants both young people to be around until the moment when she finally decides to make a choice. But, someone will not be able to wait for it forever. This will cause quarrels and disagreements that will begin to cause pain. Therefore, we need at least hypothetically imagine that the decision should be taken here and now and answer yourself, who will still have to choose if the question "becomes an edge." When we are put in a border situation, we answer only honestly and truthfully. In order not to torment one of the young people in vain, it is necessary to feel this situation and answer yourself, which of them is more necessary and more expensive. It is as a man, not as a friend.

Also, even if the girl does not even think aboutWedding, you still need to imagine with whom she sees her future. Which of these guys she wants to build a life with. Who will bother her after a couple of years, and whom she will not be able to release until the very end. When a lady sincerely answers these questions, she immediately understands which of the guys is temporary and who is forever. Of course, everything is different in life, and eventually the girls change, their views and priorities change. But, nevertheless, if a person is really suitable for all the parameters that each of us individually sets, then a very small percentage of that she really will stop loving someone with whom she is so comfortable and comfortable now. Some ladies are very afraid to make plans for the future and imagine their lives in a few years. Often they are right, but on the other hand, if it is impossible to make a decision, you need to look into the future and imagine your life with one and the other. Only after seeing who really appears next door and in a decade, you can make the final choice.

Of course, maybe a girl, in the end,Will cease to love one and the other. In life, there really is everything. But still, if a person so seriously reflects on the choice between two beloved people, it means that at the moment, these feelings are real and the problem must be solved here and now. Otherwise, it will turn into a snowball, from which many can suffer.

All of us, trying to build relationships, time fromTime we face the problem of choice. Someone solves it quickly, someone slowly, someone is right, but someone is wrong. Of course, you should always try to exclude the latter option. Therefore, you must always think about what will be best for yourself. And it's not about selfishness. Simply, when it comes to love, you do not have to try to make everyone feel good. In a love triangle, someone will always be unwell. But, if you see that someone is waiting and behaving nobly, and someone rather a habit that you might need to get rid of, then you need to try to cast aside doubts and do what the heart really tells you.

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