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How to behave with a scorpion man

So, how do you act with a scorpion man? In order to answer this question, it is first of all necessary to know all the basic qualities and characteristics of such a person. Only having such information, you can determine how to behave correctly.

For a man who was born under this sign,There was always a passion. Indeed, these guys are completely devoted to what he is interested in and what he likes. It can be work, children, beloved woman, friends. Being near the scorpion, many may think that he is a fairly calm and balanced person. In fact, this is not true at all. Inside such a person there is always a lot of emotions that he simply holds back. Such guys almost never pay attention to someone else's opinion, they like to manage and lead. With such a man it's better not to compete, because he will achieve everything and will always be the first. Quarrel with the scorpion is also undesirable. The person of this sign permanently remembers strong grievances and almost never forgives them. If your guy is a scorpion, you should never stop him from making friends. Even if you do not really like his friends, it's better not to speak out about it. The fact is that for scorpions, friendship means too much. They always remain faithful to their friends, unless they commit treason or inflict mortal offense.

But, it is worth noting that love for the scorpionMeans no less than friendship. If your scorpion boy loves you, you will always feel it. But only in case, if you do not pay attention to its internal secrecy. Such men are a little ashamed to show others that he is too attached to someone. So do not pay attention to this behavior. Believe only your feelings. And next to the scorpion is always noticeable his great love. The fact is that it is the meaning of life for such a person. He will never change and give away his feelings to many. Scorpios are monogamous. They either love one person to insanity, or do not like at all. For such a guy, honesty in relationships is very important. Therefore, try never to lie to him. For a scorpion, the bitter truth is really better than a sweet lie. Even the worst news about which he was told honestly, such a person, sooner or later will survive and forgive, if necessary. But a lie for him is akin to betrayal. For a beloved woman, the scorpion will do everything. Starting to look after him, he will behave, as befits a gentleman, to make gifts and pay attention. Such guys never stood aside, being embarrassed to approach the object of attention. They act out of the blue and their charm and care almost always get their way.

Near the scorpion, you can achieve a lot,Because such people always try to help relatives to do everything to make their dreams come true. So, never give up the help of your scorpion, especially if you really need it. The fact is that such a person is very offended by such refusals, because he offers his support from the bottom of his heart, trying to help someone whom he really loves, appreciates and cherishes.

As for marriage for a scorpion, then for himThis is very, very serious. When such a man loves and wants to live with a woman all his life, he will certainly offer her to marry, and, relatively soon after the beginning of the relationship. Therefore, if you have met a scorpion for several years already, and he does not talk about marriage, you already need to be alert. Most likely, your young man does not consider relations serious. In this case, you need to talk with him to determine the situation. Only do not push, and do not put the "question by edge". Scorpions do not like this very much, they become angry and become self-absorbed. Also, when going to such a conversation, it is worthwhile to understand that it can mean the end of the relationship. If a scorpion admits to himself that he does not love you, he will not continue to meet. For a scorpion in a serious relationship, love plays the most important role. But, if he still offers you to marry, be calm - this person loves and appreciates you more than anything else. As much as he does not value his friends, it is the family that occupies the first place in his value system. For his wife and children, such a person will do everything, so long as they never feel shortage. You can always rely on him in any matter. Being exactly sure that he will do it. Responsibility is one of the positive qualities of a scorpion. Living with a scorpion under one roof, never try to become the head of the family. He can not be with a woman who is stronger than him. Therefore, you must create the illusion that it is he who decides everything. Although, in fact, just be able to lead them. Also scorpions are idealists, therefore, sometimes it may seem to you that he demands a lot from you. With this it is very difficult to fight, because the scorpion itself tries to be the best, so those who are with it should also be the best. With such a man it is necessary to always look after yourself and in general to be that woman who can be proud and admire.

If we talk about the sexual relationship plan,It is worth noting that sex plays a very important role for the scorpion. But, at the same time, he never builds relationships on one sex. For such a person, sex and love are inseparable. He knows how to do sex and loves. Therefore, it is not worth the boy to deny this and behave too modestly, since the scorpion always wants experiments and new impressions.

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