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Substances that increase the sexual desire of women

Substances that increase sexual desire

The element of bromelain is found in bananas. This element is able to increase sexual attraction, especially it acts on men. Also, bananas contain potassium and vitamin B, these components are involved in the production of sex hormones. Banana perfectly improves sexual energy.

Oysters have long been used as aAphrodisiac. They have an enzyme called dopamine. The property of this enzyme is that it is able to increase the libido of both partners, while oysters are an excellent source of zinc. As you know, zinc increases the level of the hormone testosterone and increases the production of spermatozoa.

The sex drive of a woman and a man is not badIncrease the fruits of Avocado. Avocado is rich in potassium and vitamin B6. Potassium increases the attraction in women, and vitamin B6 increases the concentration of sex hormones in men. Also, avocados increase in men the production of folic acid, which promotes protein metabolism.

Another famous aphrodisiac is darkChocolate, it promotes intensive production of endorphins. As is known, endorphin is a hormone of happiness, it increases mood and affects pleasure centers in the brain. Due to the content of phenylethylamine in dark chocolate, sexual excitement increases in women and men. Pheniethylamine - a substance that affects the brain centers and causes a feeling of love, because of this property it is called "the substance of love"

Also do not forget about ginger, which must certainly be in the diet. Ginger stimulates blood circulation in the human body, stimulation of blood circulation promotes a qualitative sexual intercourse.

Increase energy reserves in the body can almonds, in addition, it increases the libido of women and men. In frequency, the aroma of almonds can excite a woman.

In celery contains a special enzyme -Androsterone. Andesterone is secreted during sweating. This hormone is a pheromone and attracts women, exciting their sexual desire. Celery also increases testosterone levels in men.

Garlic can increase sexual desire andStimulate an erection, as it increases the flow of blood. Due to the content in the garlic of allicin, the blood begins to actively circulate in the genital organs, both women and men. Garlic has one drawback - a sharp smell. If you do not tolerate garlic flavor, then you can use it in capsules, it will be the best option in this case.

Vitamin E, which is contained in asparagus, affects the production of sex hormones.

Asparagus positively affects the sexual attraction of women and men.

To induce a sexual attraction in women can be figs,Because it contains a fairly large number of different amino acids. Also, the ingredients contained in the figs increase endurance during sex.

Basil enzymes increase female libido and improve fertility in women.

Fish is rich in an extensive group of vitaminsB, which have a significant effect on the reproductive system. The most suitable fish is Salmon. It has an increased concentration of vitamins: B5, B6, B12.

Turkey, cheese, brown rice contain a large amount of zinc. As you know, zinc affects the concentration of the hormone testosterone. Testosterone has an effect on the sexual desire of women and men.

It is useful to eat the liver, since the gluatamine contained in it, supports the immune system, which in turn affects the libido.

To increase libido, you can useHerbs like: ginseng, ginkgo, arginine, dong qua. These herbs can be used in cooking or ingested as a nutritional supplement. Because of its ability to help with the treatment of female diseases, the dong qua grass was called "queen of female herbs"

Also on the increase of female sexual desireAffects aromatherapy. Before using the aromatic oil, it should be diluted with an oil. These oils can be used for massage in a bath with a partner. The aroma of essential oils can enhance a female libido.

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