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Should a woman always tell the truth?

Why do we ask ourselves whether a womanAlways tell the truth? Most likely, because we are afraid to lose a loved one. It is not easy for every woman to tell the truth. Some believe that it's better to remain silent, or it's worth lying to save the situation. At the same time, other ladies are so straightforward that they always say only the truth and do not hold back anything. As a consequence, they suffer. So how do you find the middle ground?

First, let's see what situationThe girl wants to tell the truth and what it's about. The first thing that many people come up with is treason. It is always difficult to hide from a loved one such information. Especially a woman. In this case, is it worth investigating why the girl did exactly so? If this is due to anger and resentment, then perhaps she needs to tell the truth in order to hurt. If this act was done only for this purpose, then it is worth telling the truth. If this happened because of the influx of feelings, short-term love, which passed, and the woman became clear that she loves her boyfriend, then it's better to remain silent. Of course, if she does not want to lose a man. Of course, conscience will always torment her, but, in principle, you had to think before you act this way. And now it's too late to "bite your elbows." It is necessary to reconcile with the payment of this kind. Why not tell the truth in this situation? Because, most likely, it will lead to a rupture. Men rarely forgive treason, despite the fact that they change more often. No matter how it sounds unfair, but this is male psychology. They are owners and do not want to share their own with anyone else. If the guy finds out that the girl has changed him, he will take it as a personal insult, as a betrayal and can not live peacefully with such a woman. Of course, there are times when guys forgive and forget about what happened, or at least try to pretend. But, in percentage terms, this behavior takes a meager share. Naturally, there is always a chance that a guy will find out from someone and everything will be even worse. Here the girl needs to understand for herself how much this option is possible, and how best to proceed.

What truth can still speak ladies? For example, the truth that one of the friends or girlfriends of her young person unflatteringly about him responds or builds intrigues. In this case, you need to know how serious everything is and can really hurt your loved one. Do not forget that friends are also quarreling and in a fit of emotion they say too much. But this does not mean that they do not like each other. And, if you tell the guy about who and what he said once, it can lead to the destruction of friendship because of a trifle. Or, the girl will be considered a gossip who tries to quarrel all, which is also not the best version of the development of events. Therefore, in the case when a woman understands that the words and behaviors of friends, in principle, do not threaten a young person, it is better to remain silent. They themselves will understand their relationship. The truth must be said only in the case when it is clear that "friends" are really plotting something or are constantly pouring mud on the guy, humiliate and insult his dignity. In this case, their behavior can hurt morally, and even physically. But, if the guy does not notice anything and is too confident in them, there is no need to prove that he is wrong. In such situations, people get angry and do not hear the truth. It's best to just ask him to be more attentive and cautious, to say that you've heard something, but you do not want to judge why people act that way. Do not judge a guy's friends. Just dosed deliver some information to him so that he can comprehend and digest it.

What other truth can harm the relationship? Probably the one that concerns the shortcomings of a young man. Of course, each of us is not perfect, but, there are things that need to be changed. Here are women and begin a hundred times a day to tell young people the truth about their sloppiness, near-mindedness, irresponsibility and other negative qualities. And men get angry, offended, scandalous, and, sometimes, even tearing relationships. But, how to act in these cases, because we really speak the truth, so as not to offend, but to help a person. Here you need to have a sense of proportion. It's one thing when we just point out mistakes and try to figure out how to fix them, and quite another - when we constantly repeat that the guy is, in fact, a fool who can not do anything and nothing. You must always feel the difference and do not go too far. It is never worthwhile to tell the truth of this kind with his relatives, friends and acquaintances, and, in particular, do it all the time. Understand that this way you just humiliate him before expensive people. But, no one says that there is no need to advise and point out mistakes. Simply, you should do this unobtrusively, without turning into a "sawing wife". Do not constantly say, for example, "why do not you study, are you a fool?" ". It's better to say: "I do not understand why such an intelligent and worthy person does not want to get a higher education? You can achieve successes and material benefits, so why do not you make an effort? I love you and I'm proud of you, but I want to be proud of you even more. "

You can tell the truth in different ways. Sometimes these words can be motivated, and sometimes - humiliated and trampled. It is just necessary to feel the line between truth and insult. Excessive straightforwardness, like excessive secrecy, will never lead to good. Therefore, women do not always need to tell the truth to a beloved man, and if to speak, in such a way that he does not take offense, but takes note and corrects mistakes.

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