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Do men think that the vice is a woman's mind?

Many women ask themselves whetherMan is the vice of the female mind? This is because the guys like to say that they are smarter and more logical, they need to do the exact sciences, and our destiny, at best, is the humanitarian sphere. At the same time, they seem to want us to be smarter and understand them. But, when a guy meets a really clever girl, he does not always appreciate her mind at its true worth. In that case, the guy either says it's too much for him, or tries to convince the lady that she's not as smart as she seems.

So why do guys irritate the female mind? Why do they act like it really is a vice? In fact, not all men do this. Often, the mind of women annoys those who understand that he himself is stupid enough or those who have nothing to brag about but the mind. Perhaps it sounds a little strange, but it is. The female mind becomes a vice for those who are themselves sufficiently complex or not intellectually developed. For example, it happens that a man does not come out very much outwardly, does not have a sense of humor, and generally does not stand out from the crowd. But, he's smart. Therefore, in a team, such a guy likes to crush everyone with intelligence, thus attracting attention. Of course, not everyone likes it, but everyone respects him for being, in fact, a genius. But then, suddenly, there is a girl who is quite able to compete with him in an intellectual battle, and, perhaps, to win. Naturally, a young man is annoying. Even if he says that he does not like stupid women, he means what he would like to be understood and could support the conversation, but did not win in two counts. And when the lady starts to ask him questions, to which he does not know the answers, then the guy gets angry and says unflatteringly that the female mind is nonsense and tries to somehow humiliate the girl. You should never pay attention to such people. If you treat a similar young man positively or if you like him, try to always translate everything into a joke. You can even keep silent sometimes so that he can feel his triumph again. But, never let him publicly humiliate you, insulting the female mind, and do not act so that people believe that you are really stupid.

Also, our intellect is considered by those who do notCan boast of erudition and great knowledge. Such men try to find women, against which they will look like wise men. Therefore, they treat smart women even worse than the complex intellectuals. In the first case, with a man at least you can lead a constructive conversation, agree on something or convince by giving enough facts. In the case when the guy's mind is clearly not endowed, talking with him is useless. He just does not understand you, and this makes you even angrier. Next to these guys, smart women have nothing to do. Firstly, they are simply bored, because their interests clearly do not coincide, there is nothing to discuss and nothing to discuss. In addition, to put a woman in place and not let her be better, the guys simply start offending ladies, humiliate or even physically work. Therefore, if you see that a man is more stupid than you and his mind is clearly irritating to him, you should not start a relationship with him. Even if he is very handsome, in a short time you will understand that you are not interested together and you absolutely do not want to see him. And if he also begins to insult you, then what is the use of tolerating such a gentleman.

Some women believe that you need to pretendSilly, to please guys. There is some truth in this, but it's quite small. Sometimes you need to give a man the opportunity to feel like a hero and protector, who himself can solve all problems and come up with solutions. But, one should never act in such a way to the detriment of oneself. It's one thing when a lady does not allow a guy to think at all and constantly decides everything herself, and quite another - when she is afraid to say anything, while knowing that a man acts in the wrong way and his actions lead to negative consequences. A clever woman is clever enough to catch the moments when one can remain silent and when one should not remain silent in any case.

Real smart men who do not suffer fromAn inferiority complex, never try to show that the lady is stupider. On the contrary, they admire the female mind, admire the fact that you can talk with a girl on a par with, not chewing on her some terms and concepts. For such men, pride is that next to them a smart girl or girlfriend. They understand that the proverb that "one head is good and two is better" is absolutely true. Next to an intelligent woman, you can achieve more, because she knows how to behave properly, can help find a way out of the situation or jointly solve the problem. Therefore, if you are an intelligent and erudite young lady, never consider it a vice and do not think that guys need only fools. Those who need them, you do not fit, not because women can not be smart, but because these men simply do not want to develop their brains. They do not need an intelligent woman, because she will not allow them to assert themselves at her expense. And this is exactly what these guys need. Therefore, if you are an intelligent and intellectually developed self-confident lady, look for the same man and he will appreciate you with dignity.

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