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Types of men to be feared

1 type. The fighter for independence

This type of man is seen immediately, because. He constantly has a tense relationship with someone: with relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and other entourage. About the colleagues this man responds, as about nonprofessionals, about friends as vampires who take away all his free time from him, and acquaintances and other individuals have already gotten him with their requests and communication.

A woman can perceive such a man asA zealous fighter for independence, she may even like it in him, because at first such a man gives the impression of a superhero. And in sexual terms, he is so temperamental that the woman only dreamed of this. A woman after a short relationship with this type of man is always ready to be together, all to forgive him, but do not rush. She needs to think carefully first, because sooner or later she can also be on the other side of the barricade. A woman can also be very close, bored, taking time from him, etc. In the life of this type of men, clamps do not belong, and therefore he considers it unnecessary to inform his woman about how he spends his life, on plans, etc. Thus , His life credo is freedom and independence. However, he is simply afraid to take responsibility and does not seek to overcome obstacles. In fact, he is an ordinary egoist.

2 type. Revnivets

With such a man, a woman will quickly become uncomfortable, andShe will escape. She always has to justify why and why she spilled a few words with her neighbor on the floor, why she puts herself in order, going to work, etc. The man in this case admits that besides him there are even more sexual, intelligent and interesting Men. At the same time, he tries to convince himself that this is not so, and expects the same from his woman.

This kind of behavior is based onThe highest degree of self-doubt. Due to the proper behavior of a woman, her complete submission to a man, he raises his self-esteem. Perhaps, these relations are an onerous burden, even for strong feelings.

3 type. Married man

Such a type of men should be 100% apprehensive. Such a relationship will lead to nothing good. A woman will never fully understand why a married man is with her. He builds relationships with her because he loves or because his wife does not like this man. How is it really with his family? He through force every time enters with the wife in the sexual certificate or act, as convinces the woman, or hardly with each wife achieves intimate relations each time with the wife.

4 type. Fan

It does not matter what a man has a predilection for: To cars, football, stamps, etc. The problem in this case is that a woman in the life of this type of man always remains in second place. In addition, a man believes that a woman should be proud that he has a little time for her. Relations with such a man are not ideal, since his life, first of all, belongs to the object of adoration. Any attempt by a woman to draw attention to herself ends in failure. So why such a relationship?

5 type. Idealist

Relations with this type of man formWomen are only solid complexes. After all, perfection never has a limit. Not the worst, when a man is sufficiently engaged in himself and in parallel looking for flaws, not only in his woman, but also in himself. But there are men who look completely and completely at the chosen one. His demands are so wide and varied that a woman realizes that it is easier to break such a relationship than to try to fulfill at least part of his requests.

6 type. Stingy

Perhaps, every woman had a relationship with the greedyMan. Greed is a very unpleasant quality. It destroys all relationships, underestimates the self-esteem of a woman, irritates and destroys any respect for a beloved man. If a man is tight-fisted, he will not hide it. In this case, the conversation is not about the amounts that are required to ensure life. For example, a trip on a trolley, for which a woman had to pay herself, although she was in the company of her chosen one, is also a signal that she is greedy man.

7 type. Sissy

Love for your parents is a wonderful fact,Which only positively can characterize your man. But there is such a thing as pathological dependence on your parents and a clear unwillingness to change anything in your life. This type of men feel comfortable and in 40 years in the nest of parents. And, unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, re-education is no longer subject. Therefore, it is necessary to be afraid of men of this type.

8 type. Fatal man

Fleeting relationships with this type of men haveTheir charms, but only for those representatives of the fair sex who absolutely understand that this connection is a beautiful fairy tale that will continue not only for her. Such men can not limit themselves to strong serious relationships with one woman. His need is a constant seduction of women, and those of the fair sex whom he seduced are simply crossed out of life.

9 type. Tyrant

Perhaps the most unpleasant type of men and, to thatSame, still dangerous. Male tyrants do not always manifest themselves at the beginning of a relationship. Often tyranny is hidden. But the result is still one. A tyrannical man tries to control the life of his woman from and to. He consciously directs the chosen one to the path that, in his opinion, is most suitable for her. With hidden tyranny, a man intervenes in the life of a woman through the care of her. But care of this kind is a future dependence, since a woman will not be able to refuse it later. If she suddenly decides to suspend his influence on his life, then he finds out in whose interests the tyrant-man acted.

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