/ Is it worth telling the guy about his problems?

Should I tell the guy about my problems?

Why is this happening? Why do many women wonder: Is it worth telling a guy about their problems? In fact, some girls are afraid or do not want to tell the guy about the experiences, because they think they will not be understood.

Agree, it happens so that we beginTell, and see that the young man is not interested or he simply does not consider this a problem. But, in fact, things are not quite as they seem to girls. The guy does not give a damn about your experiences. It's just that he has a different psychology and he believes that you should not be nervous about trifles. Many girls, beginning to tell something, expect not methods of solving problems, but elementary pity. This is the main difference between a guy and a girl. Men talk about their difficulties only to those people and in the event that someone can really solve them and somehow help. In elementary pity they do not need. On the contrary, the guy is uncomfortable when they sympathize with him. He ceases to feel like a real man. Therefore, remember that if a guy talks about problems, try to really help. If this is not possible - just show that you are there and ready to support at a difficult moment. But do not be sorry.

Therefore, knowing this specificity of young people, notIt is worth to take offense at them and not talk about anything. It's just that if you really realize that you do not want to help a guy, he will not do it because of certain circumstances, just tell him about what happened if you need it, but do not expect unlimited pity and care. And in no case should you take offense at him for not doing all that you expected. In this you will help your girlfriend. Agree, with the girls you can talk about problems forever, feel sorry for each other, cry and, thanks to this, to calm nerves.

But, if you know that a young manReally can help you, you do not need to hide anything from him. If you get stuck in your troubles and will be silent about them, a young man can think of something that is not really, offended and angry. Of course, you want him to think like a telepath about everything that torments you. But, unfortunately, in real life this does not happen. For people to help us, we need to talk with them about their problems.

Also, do not be silent about troubles, so thatDraw in them a young man. Such self-sacrifice is not appreciated and is considered stupid from a male point of view. In principle, they are right. After all, judge for yourself, if people have a serious relationship, then they have everything in common: both joy and sorrow. Therefore, there is no need to show heroism where it is not needed. Every real man wants to be the protector and assistant of his woman. Therefore, when you do not tell him about serious problems, it seems to the guy that you consider him a weakling, not capable of acting. But in fact, this, of course, is not so. But, unfortunately, due to their concepts and life psychology, the guys interpret such situations in a wrong way. So do not be silent. And, in no case, you do not need to disappear from the field of view to solve problems. Understand, the guy will worry even more than when you tell him everything. Even the most terrible and serious.

Therefore, if you have something happened, do not needHide and cry in the corners. Come to your young man and tell him everything. If it hurts and bad for you, cry. In this case, he will understand and comfort you. Just remember that the male consolation is radically different from the female one. If the girls will direct their support to the fact that everything will be fine, you are the best and all the guys goats, then the guy will never say such things. He will tell you not to cry, embrace and think about how to solve everything. Therefore, take everything right and do not behave so, the word offended you. If you start blowing your sponge and calling for increased attention, your boyfriend will take it as stupidity on your part, or even offended. Judge for yourself, he sees no reason to waste time on emotions. At the moment when you are offended, the young man thinks about how to solve your problems. And if you start to take offense, firstly, he can not understand the reason for this behavior, and, secondly, is angry that you do not appreciate his work.

But some girls have situations whenA young man never reacts to their problems at all. How to react in this case? In fact, there can be two options. Or you have really trivial problems and you just got the guy hysterical. Or should you think about how a young man really treats you. If we talk about the first option, then, for starters, you need to honestly admit to yourself what you are experiencing because of trivialities. Of course, we girls often feel that our problems are really very significant. But, nevertheless, it is necessary to really assess how much our experiences are significant. Can we just forget about what happened and experience it peacefully or do these problems have a serious impact on our lives. And, if you understand that you are tormented by trifles, then you need to learn to restrain yourself and suppress the tendency to hysterics. Of course, immediately it's not so easy to do, but, in time, you can change everything.

Well, if a guy does not pay attention toWhat happens with you, then, think about how important to you and your relationship. Most likely, he just does not love you. Because the troubles and troubles of a loved one always take an important place. And, if a person does not care, then, unfortunately, he does not feel the feelings that you want to see.

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