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Does cunning help in a relationship?

In fact, to answer, will it helpCunning in the relationship, it is necessary to consider some factors. First, the cunning in the relationship is different. Sometimes it ruins everything, and sometimes, on the contrary, it helps in a relationship. But, when does the trick help, and when it hurts?

A woman can show trick in various ways. For example, each of us has his own little tricks to arrange a guy to himself or to force him to do something. Then we are helped by a set of our tricks. But, it is worth noting that if a woman constantly uses this, it turns into a lie in the relationship. Of course, it is possible that this is not a lie, but such behavior, at least, can not be called honest with respect to a loved one. This behavior does not help, but repels. If a woman constantly manipulates certain weaknesses and experiences of a guy, then this is no longer cunning, but meanness. Therefore, immediately it is worth noting that in relationships, in everything you need to know the measure and never go too far. If you do so, then the trick will not hurt.

So, what small tricks we use,That the guy loved and appreciated. First, female cunning is a special science. The correct trick will never be called deceit. Simply, we are able to speak and act like that in our way, but no one could blame the woman for manipulation.

First, with the help of cunning, we know how to get outFrom difficult situations and prevent scandals. For example, if a guy is angry, and the guilt is in this girl, the trick is to switch his attention and not allow the scandal to flare up. You can do this in any way. Some ladies know how to wrap a guy's words so that, in the end, he is guilty, not she. In this situation, the main thing is not to replay with resentment and generously forgive a young man. This trick is sometimes really necessary in order to avoid unnecessary quarrels. Also, some women distract from the scandal with hugs and kisses. This is also a female trick. In this case, you need to be able to keep the line between eroticism, obtrusiveness and vulgarity. If a woman does not get it, most often, a man simply pushes it away and the scandal flares up with even greater force. And only those who know how to do things right can calm their men and have fun.

Also, the female cunning manifests itself whenA girl wants to fall in love with a man. In this case, the trick is not to show the guy that she is in love with him, but at the same time to kindle interest. In such cases, girls try to be unpredictable. But, at the same time, the trick is a certain inaccessibility. Men are hunters, who need to achieve their goal and catch the victim. If there is no one hunting, then the interest disappears. Therefore, the girls then show favor, they become cold, appear and disappear. Sometimes they do not pick up the phone, sometimes they say they are busy and have a rest in the company of the guys, who, of course, are only friends. Such little tricks make men jealous and not relax. The main thing is not to overdo it so that the guy does not start to suspect of treason and this did not lead to a serious scandal and parting.

Women who can flirt always go toVarious tricks. Their looks, poses, smiles seem to be natural, but, in fact, they are designed to attract the attention of a certain guy.

Also, the trick of many women is theirMystery. Girls are able to behave in such a way that men are constantly interested in being near them and discovering the facets of their souls. They never intrude and do not try to blacken other women. This is also a trick, because, in this way, a man begins to think that the lady is very good. Unlike others, she does not allow herself to speak badly of competitors, which speaks of her kindness and understanding. And this girl is what they are trying to achieve. Even if they are, in fact, ready to scratch out their competitors' eyes, a man will never guess about it. Being cute and fluffy is one of the female tricks that works without fail on men.

Another cunning of ours, which is alwaysIt works - it is nearness and naivety, which we "turn on" from time to time if necessary. Women who know how to be properly cunning know that guys need to feel the most intelligent and strong. They allow them to get it, from time to time pretending to be stupid and fragile. Often, to attract attention, the girl pretends that she is helpless and the man runs to save her from all ills, not realizing that this lady could solve all her problems on her own.

The correct cunning in the relationship is, rather,Special female tricks that help to attract the attention of men and support the flame of feelings in them. But, there is also a negative trick with which the woman keeps the man when he realizes that he will soon abandon her. This trick does not lead to anything good, because it becomes meanness and lies. In this case, the ladies start to invent different stories and lie to the guys, so that he can not turn around and leave. Sometimes, this lies is innocuous enough, and sometimes people start to go over all the faces. Girls talk about imaginary pregnancies, incurable diseases and other things that just make the guys stay close. When the truth opens, and it opens in any case, everything leads to a break in relations with quarrels and scandals. Therefore, wanting to be cunning, the ladies should remember that the trick was never equated with meanness. That's why, in order for you to have a good relationship with your loved one, you can cheat and use your female trick. But, you never need to turn your life into a farce and go to any baseness just to get what you want.

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