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Chromotherapy - the therapeutic effect of color on the body

The basis of chromotherapy is the individual properties of each color.

Red color Activates vital activity, awakeningPhysical strength of man, his energy and love of life. However, there is a recommendation to limit the use of red color over time to avoid fatigue and reduce performance, as side effects of its prolonged exposure. Different shades of red have shown their effectiveness under reduced blood pressure, anemia, pain during menstruation, diseases of colds, sexual disorders.

Orange color Is a color of health and an excellent medicineAgainst depression. A favorable therapeutic effect of this color on the work of the lungs, pancreas, heart, spleen, thyroid and small intestine was noted. Orange color can create a cheerful and cheerful mood, give you joy from the perception of life and help overcome the difficulties in communication caused by internal stiffness. It is used to increase efficiency with emotional and significant intellectual loads, for easier assimilation of the material. In its effect, the orange color is similar to red, but less tiring.

Yellow Has strengthening, tonic properties andIs a sufficiently effective prophylaxis of depression; Helps to maintain an upbeat mood and encourages a person to creative activity. There is an increase in working capacity, but not as much as when using red and orange. Color has a curative effect on the liver and digestive organs. Yellow color enhances appetite.

Green color Refers to a neutral range of colors, it is soft andcalming. Each person, walking among the trees and greenery in the woods along the silky grass, experienced relaxation. In chromotherapy, green color has shown its beneficial effect on vision, helps to relieve mental and physical stress, to heal headache, to stabilize pressure. The color fills with a sense of peace, appeasement, affects the regeneration of body cells, facilitates cardiovascular ailments. Green people give preference to people who are in search of a new direction and their "I".

Blue colour, Being cold and calm, reduces the vitalActivity and efficiency, smooths strong emotions, encourages contemplation and meditation, can cause sadness. The exact opposite of red. Under the influence of this color creates a favorable environment for quiet mental work and reduces the feeling of fatigue. Positive effect of color on respiratory organs, nasopharynx, sight and hearing was noted. The energy of blue color normalizes the thyroid gland, has the ability to reduce pain and heal wounds, and to stop bleeding. Blue reduces appetite.

Blue - the color of passivity, is a mixtureBlue with white. Has a pronounced soothing effect, it causes drowsiness. Life processes slow down, emotional stress decreases. Blue color helps to know yourself, gives comfort in solitude and promotes creative inspiration. The therapeutic effects of color include its favorable and healing effect on the nervous system, on the throat, removing fatigue and overcoming insomnia. No wonder blue is considered ideal for a bedroom, bathroom and study.

Purple Even more passive. The impact on the body of this color is to weaken the life processes, reduce efficiency, drowsiness, fatigue. However, the violet energy helps to get distracted from everyday problems and tends to enjoy harmony with oneself and with the surrounding world, to plunge into pleasant dreams. Violet color reduces pain in arthritis and slows the growth of tumors. Avoid long exposure to violet, it threatens with a feeling of constant fatigue.

White color Creates protection, strengthens the entire body and cleanseshim. From the psychological point of view, white helps hide emotions, do not take everything to heart. This color is a symbol of pure intent, purity and perfection.

Brown Refers to depressive flowers. He is calm and reserved. The impact of brown color is characterized by a feeling of warmth, the creation of a soft and calm mood.

In everyday life, we can also use the properties of color. For this purpose, you should not always change interior. Use wallpaper and a floor of neutral shades, boldly arranging color accents and using those colors in which you need.

The same applies to the wardrobe. Every person, in addition to understanding what is going on, has an inner feeling that tells him Color of clothes For a day. It is worth to listen to this feeling. Depending on your state of health and expectations, you should choose clothes of the color that can help you. For example, for a hard day demanding the exertion of your strength, choose a red outfit, to attract someone's attention - yellow.

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