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Sexual rhythms of women and men

Regardless of our desires, we are subordinatedLaws of the universe to the same extent as the entire surrounding world. These laws act on everything: stars, space, the Moon, the Sun. Our life is also affected by annual cycles, solar activity, the phase change of the moon, various magnetic fluctuations. This happens during the month and day.

Sexual rhythms of man are also subject to the sameForces that control the activity and sleep of a person. Sexual attraction arises from the development of hormones necessary for this, and it depends on the above-mentioned forces of nature.

According to psychologists, man and womanSo different from each other that you might think that we are from different planets. Of course, maybe the difference between us is not so great, but psychologists and sexologists agree that the sexual rhythms of women and men are significantly different.

Of great importance are also the way of life andUpbringing. But nevertheless, to a large extent, our libido depends on the cycles of hormonal reactions in our body. Differences in sex hormones are obvious: a man has testosterone, and a woman has progesterone and estrogen. Testosterone is also present in women, but in very small quantities.

What factors determine the sexual rhythms of women

First of all, they are subject to a monthly cycle. In the lunar cycle, 28 days, and he influences the woman's entire life. This list includes mood, health, well-being and sexuality. Hence, scientists have long concluded that the female menstrual cycle should be 28 days. In this case, sexual desire is distributed approximately like this:

In the period from 1 to 5 days, the level is very lowProgesterone and estrogen. Thanks to this attraction to the man we do not have, sexual desire does not practically arise. During this period, even the most passionate women do not pay attention to the strong half of humanity, and they themselves cease to attract the attention of men.

During the next week, the level ofEstrogen and sexual desire begins to increase gradually. However, the peak level of progesterone falls on the period from 14 to 21 days of the cycle. During this period (after ovulation) a high level of estrogen, which has a positive effect on a woman. And this applies not only to physiology.

During this period, all the women's systems are exacerbated. The level of mental activity rises, eyesight intensifies, the sense of smell becomes more susceptible to smells. It also affects the behavior of women. They tend to be more seductive and attractive. The composition of pheromones is also subject to changes during this period. A man subconsciously feels such changes in a woman, if he is tuned to her. At this time, love is likely at first sight.

Sexual attraction can subside, and vice versa,Expressed in violent bursts of passion during the 22nd to 27th day of the menstrual cycle. Whatever it was, but most women during this period have poor control over their emotions. It is this period that sexologists and psychologists call premenstrual syndrome. During this period, it is better not to tease a woman ...

Sexuality with a man. Sexual rhythms of men and their sexual behavior

What can you say about male sexuality? What is the nature of sexual behavior and condition in men? Nature ordered that "men have no critical days". But they are also subject to a cyclic rhythm.

Man's behavior, sexuality, attitudeDetermines the level of testosterone. This level changes within 22 days. Tracking the cycle of men is an order of magnitude more difficult than women. This can be approximately traced by behavior. If the level of testosterone is low, then the man will show lethargy, propensity to apathy. A man can easily take offense, decisions are given to him with difficulty. And from time to time, it can become completely non-initiative.

If you have the patience and wait 11 days,Then everything will be normal again. A note to a wise woman: these days you can support a man, including nutrition. It is necessary to feed him with such products, which will contribute to the return of his masculinity and determination. It is possible that this factor has become the determining factor in the well-known expression that the way to the unapproachable heart of a man passes through his stomach.

Men are also influenced by the annual or seasonal cycle. Scientists noted that the peak of testosterone levels falls on the spring (March) and in the autumn (October-November).

There are also significant differences in dailyCycles for men and women. Experts argue that the natural distribution of a woman's peak of sexual activity at 22 hours, and a male at 7 am. Male activity by this time rises by 20%, and after 2 hours it just rolls over, 50% higher than normal.

What remains to be done if at this time we are just getting ready to start a working day, are we preparing breakfast, are we going to school? . .

During the day, the level of sexualHormones, and by about 16:00 the best time is suitable for making love. However, the question is: how to arrange this? Remember the words of the heroine from Ryazanov's all-time favorite film "... but I can not leave work right now! . . ".

The working day for many comes to an end in 18: 00, but the level of sexuality and desire also loses its power. By 10 pm and by 7 am, sexuality will again be normal, but at different times the woman and the man ...

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