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You've never seen a man crying

If you've never seen a man cry,Then your young man is also an adherent of the generally accepted opinion and believes that he simply has no right to show his tears so that you do not consider him weak.

In fact, there are practically no people,Who at least occasionally do not let a tear. If a person can not cause such strong emotions, this does not speak of the strength of the character, but rather of the psychic deviations. In fact, a person should cry when he is too hurt or hurt. Never thought about why women are more likely to experience different emotional traumas than men? Simply ladies can splash out their emotions along with tears and get rid of negative emotional stress, but the guys do not allow themselves. The result is that they accumulate in themselves the negative and hold back. This behavior leads to problems with the cardiovascular and nervous system. Therefore, if your boyfriend tries not to show his emotions, it's better to try to explain to him that such behavior is not a special advantage. Of course, you love strong men, but besides that, you want to understand that next to you is not a stone idol, but a living person.

The reason is that the young man does not wantShow your feelings can be set. Of course, most of our complexes and beliefs come from childhood. Perhaps the reason that the guy does not want to show tears is that he had a strict father who prefers a totalitarian way of parenting. Such men, who mainly have a profession associated with military affairs, want to see in their son an unshakable person who will never be unsettled by any events. Of course, on the one hand this is good, because in this case, a man is not afraid of any life difficulties. But, on the other hand, such fathers convince their sons that they have no right to express feelings, under no circumstances, otherwise he will disappoint his dad. If the boy still cried for some reason, his father could punish him for such a lie verbally or even bodily. Naturally, such upbringing is forever postponed in the head and leads to the fact that growing up, such guys live with the confidence that if someone sees his tears, he will be disappointed by close people and find him weak.

Another reason, which can lead to the fact,That guys never show tears, can become a relationship with their peers at an early age. Basically, these guys were once quiet and domestic children, who were very fond of parents and brought up in kindness and understanding. But, when they fall into a society where many children are cruel, such boys are considered weaklings, mock them, scoff and even beat. Especially, these guys are humiliated for shedding tears. It's no secret that many courtyard boys are brought up in rather severe conditions and believe that it is simply impossible to cry to boys. In fact, these guys just look at each other and believing that a friend will laugh at his tears, he is holding himself back. And when someone is still showing weakness in front of them, they, fearing to appear weaklings before the company, begin to oppress a man who was not afraid to be sincere. All boys want to receive respect among their peers. That's why, many begin to hide their feelings, so as not to seem worse than others and refer to tears, as something shameful and wrong. Even growing up, the guys continue to consider such a model of behavior correct and never reveal emotions, even before the beloved girl. This opinion also has its roots in childhood, when the most beautiful girls liked the strongest and toughest, so to speak, bad boys.

In addition to these, there are many other reasons,Which can lead to the fact that a young person at all times restrains his emotions and never manifests such emotions as pain, sadness and tears.

How to act in this case and is it worth it at allSomething to do? Of course, the fact that the guy does not cry, there is nothing too terrifying, but, nevertheless, some girls are a little frightened of such lack of emotionality. Ladies know how to come up with problems for themselves and see in this behavior that the guy does not know how to really feel, and therefore love. In fact, this is not true at all. Even if the girl is asking stupid enough, but, nevertheless, a rather popular question: but you will cry if something happens to me, and the man says he will not cry. In fact, this is not true at all. Almost all girls resent such words, although it is not necessary to do so. In fact, the guy knows that he will act quite the opposite, but he does not recognize this, because such an act will show him the greatest weakness. Not all women understand that a beloved girl is the greatest weakness of every guy, that it is the most difficult to control emotions with her. Therefore, it is not necessary to ask such questions at all, and, moreover, to believe in such answers. Just need to gradually convince your guy that his emotions for you are not something wrong, something that can be judged.

If you've never seen a man cry,Then you will need no month to convince him otherwise. To do this, you just need to talk to a man and gently hint that any strong, real man has the right to emotions. Of course, this does not mean that a young man must roar over every trifle. Simply, he must understand that if he really is very painful and difficult, he can tell it to you and throw out all his emotions. The guy should realize that you will never condemn the male tears, you will understand and support him in any situation.

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