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Modern man - defender of the weak

But, is it often possible to meet such aAn individual, like a modern man - a defender of the weak? It's no secret that our world has become quite cynical and pragmatic and sometimes it seems that no one will ever protect a girl from hooligans and will not return the stolen purse to her grandmother. How to understand if your boy is capable of such actions?

First, it is worth noting that men whoCan really do something, they will never talk about it constantly. This is their character traits. Real men in general do not particularly like to rant about their exploits, because they do not see in them anything unusual, supernatural and worthy of special attention. Quite different is the situation with those who constantly talk about what he would do if there was any conflict, and would be able to intercede for a close or unfamiliar person. These guys in all colors describe their behavior, every phrase, every gesture and every blow. They promise oath that they will save and protect, even when no one asks for it. Unfortunately, in such people the words, often, are at variance with the matter. And, if hooligans approach you in the street, at best, such a young man will give everything, if only he and you are not hooked, and at worst - he will run away himself, leaving his girlfriend to solve the existing problem.

Another reason why a man will beTo protect the weak is compassion. In fact, this quality is in more guys than it might seem at first glance. Simply, many of them carefully hide their feelings, so as not to show their weakness and softness. But, this quality of character is noticeable even without words. It is revealed in the fact that a man will never humiliate, insult and mock at those who are weaker than him. Such a young man can be distinguished by the fact that he does not follow the crowd from a young age. If the company humiliates the youngest and the weakest, he will never join the others, but, on the contrary, will stand for protection. These young people are not at all afraid of the opinion of the crowd, because they know that they can perfectly protect themselves from anyone. And it's not just a fight. Such people, often have a good command of the word, so they can put the abuser in their place, just talking to him. Of course, a real man will never raise his hand to a woman, no matter how bad he is, and no matter how wrong she is. Despite the emotions, such a man understands that a woman is much weaker and if he hits her, it certainly will not add to his honor, because even all military codes of honor said that to beat the unarmed is low. And the girl, in fact, is unarmed, as a man's weapon, in this situation, is his strength, which the woman does not have. That is why, if a young man raises his hand on you, it is hardly worth hoping that he will be the defender of the weak. The fact is that, in fact, he is a weakling himself, which means he will never be able to resist individuals who are stronger morally and physically. It may very well be that in the case when he is being pressured, he will not only not protect you, but he will do everything so that he is not offended and released. Such guys should never be trusted, because, it may very well happen that at a critical moment you will be left alone and instead of helping you, just put it.

Another quality that is unacceptable forMen who will protect the weak - this is cruelty. The fact is that cruel people always torment weak people in order to assert themselves. Also, this can be a manifestation of some mental abnormalities, when a person brings pleasure in watching how someone who is obviously unable to give him a worthy rebuff suffers. Such people, in general, do not like animals and never miss an opportunity to hurt them. If you notice something like this for your boyfriend, think carefully about whether it's worth continuing with him. The thing is that these guys become tyrants in their families. Moreover, not only wives suffer, but also children, as the weakest. Such fathers set unrealistic tasks and, when a child can not fulfill them, come up with punishments, which are suited with great cruelty. The reason for this behavior can be that over such a young man in his childhood, often and much mocked, but he never found the strength to rebuff the offenders. Having become older, such a guy begins to behave as he did to him, in relation to those who are weaker than him. This is a kind of revenge for all children's insults. Unfortunately, this guy is very difficult to change. If he chose such a model of behavior long enough, it is unlikely that something will be able to change his attitude to reality. Therefore, do not think too much that you can convince him and turn him into a real man. Most likely, he will blame you for not seeing a man in him and degrading his dignity. The result of such conflicts can be either conflict or cruelty directed towards you. That's why, if you notice that the guy is inclined to rejoice sincerely, watching how the weak suffer, it is best to try to assess this situation adequately, without trying to justify it. In the case when you realize that he really comes out in his worldview and behavior beyond the limits that a normal person adheres to, the best way out will still be a break in relations.

If the guy never shows cruelty forWith respect to the weak, does not talk about deeds, and knows how to feel compassion, then next to you is a modern man - a defender of the weak. It is to such a person you can rely on in any situation and be sure that he will never leave you alone with troubles. This guy will never try to seem like a knight and a hero, he will just act as he commands the honor and conscience of a real man.

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