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We are both not free, a service romance is brewing

Various studies state that workersDo not see anything terrible in flirting in the workplace, but management is often afraid that office passions will have a negative impact on productivity and the atmosphere in the team. Most often, romantic relationships at work turn out to be short and rarely end in serious relationships and marriage, especially if one or both of the participants in this novel are already married.

The novel in the format of "superior - subordinate"The most common and unpromising variant of a love relationship. Very rarely such relationships end in marriage. And very often after the disruption of the relationship the subordinate has to leave.

Before entering into such a hopelessCommunication, you need to think carefully and realize all the disadvantages of these relationships, as well as possible troubles that they may entail. First, the boss is in most cases married, and if his wife finds out, she's not only that she does not reconcile with the fact that she has a rival, but can also complicate this opponent's life. Secondly, if the attention of the chief is switched to another employee, then the first lady may suddenly fall under the contraction. Thirdly, a subordinate who spends an affair with a boss will become a victim of gossips and convictions if these forbidden relations become the property of the office public. A break in relations can lead to a career collapse for a subordinate.

For the boss, too, there are minuses in thisOf the situation. If he spins a romance with a subordinate, he can never be completely sure of the sincerity of her feelings, and sometimes he will come up with the idea that a subordinate just wants to move up the career ladder.

It happens and vice versa - a relationship in the format"Boss - subordinate." In such relationships, too many pitfalls. A woman will suspect that, perhaps, a man uses it for their own purposes. The boss can lose credibility. And, of course, again there is a threat to career.

There are also frequent service novels betweenColleagues. It's a bit simpler here, since a romantic bond arises among equals. But here too it does not do without problems. First, the work process may suffer. Secondly, such relations often condemn the authorities, if it becomes known about the novel. On how the authorities will react to the news about your service romance, depends on your career and career of your partner.

Even your co-workers will not miss the opportunityGossip and gossip about you, condemn you, especially when each of you is married. Co-workers can and will not "take the dirty linen out of the hut" (although people are different), but the fact that you and every detail of your relationship will be the topic for idle talk and gossip is unambiguous, because everything is in sight. Well, of course, you will be judged. After all, in fact, you do not just have a service romance of two free people, you are lovers, because there are also legitimate halves who are deceived, whom they change. Most of the service novels sooner or later become public, even if you are trying hard to hide these relations.

In addition, the team is not always, but sometimes there may be some moralist or simply ill-wishers who consider it their duty to report the forbidden service romance to the lawful wife or husband.

There are other drawbacks of such links. If you part ways are not the best way, both of you will be hard and will have to pay peace. For example, you broke up with a scandal. What will it be like to see each other the whole working week, every day for 8 hours, to see anger in the eyes of each other? And sometimes the former passion can also start revenge for something, gossip about you, dissolve rumors, try to ruin your career and so on. Scandals, intrigues, rumors, troubles, the list can go on and on. And it will be hard for you, and this is unlikely to please the authorities.

Some even prefer to quit whenBegin such problems with former lovers. It is better to keep a reputation, get a good recommendation and find yourself another decent job than to wait until the situation gets to the limit. Scandalous behavior and violation of work discipline will greatly undermine your reputation in the eyes of your superiors and colleagues, and the recommendations then may not be very good. Why such problems? Service romance - a relationship close to neurosis. And what kind of work can this be? Rarely can a person successfully combine both a service novel and high labor productivity.

If you are both not free people, why do you need thesedifficulties? Problems will be at work, in the family, and in private life. Even if the temptation is great, it's better to hold on, do not walk on the blade of the knife, do not risk your family and work, because the exposure is real. And, as already mentioned, most of the service novels end in parting, rather than with serious relationships and weddings. It is safer to abandon this hopeless connection. Why create difficulties where you spend 8 hours a day?

All this can be avoided if not soughtAdventure, and correctly and professionally behave at work, not to allow emotions and fleeting desires to seize your mind and common sense. We need to think about the consequences.

In addition, when a service romance and all the troubles caused by it are over, most people regret that they generally began to "swagger" in the workplace.

We are both not free, a service romance is brewing ... How to be? Be reasonable, weigh the pros and cons, think about what problems may arise from a love affair at work, as well as the pain that can be so caused to close people. Be happy!

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