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If a man says "I love" in the first meeting

Any love story begins with an unforgettableA casual meeting, an event, a romantic date, which produce the first and most unforgettable impression. Love relations are built by two people, they are fighting for their own happiness and future. The first dates are the most important moments in the couple's life, because this is the foundation for the future. Therefore, at the initial stage, couples try to please and surprise each other. Expressing sympathy and love for your second half is the key to a long and happy love story. After all, everyone is pleased to see when a familiar couple, who has been in love for many years together, arranges romantic dates and surprises to each other. Every woman in the shower is a little princess, regardless of her age and every woman dreams of a fairy tale. But when a fairy tale comes into our life, we try to find some kind of dirty trick. We begin to delve into the thoughts, guesses, especially if the man, says I love in the first meetings

To admit to love is such a serious step,As well as to love, it means, you trust and trust your feelings, life to someone special. Often the first to break down are women. This is not a flaw, because we are simply loving, sincere, and by their natural vocation they are created to give and share their love. If you are the first to admit to love, your man will definitely not only be pleasantly surprised, but will also appreciate your courage and sincerity, appreciate your first and very responsible step.

When you are in a relationship, you are overwhelmed by feelings,That in itself brings the moment of recognition in love to his man. But what if recognition of love happens earlier and not on your initiative. What if the man says "love" in the first meeting? How to react to this and why does he do this?

Everyone knows the fact that due to sexualDifferences and differences, men and women also differ in the worldview, in the sensitivity and perception of everything that is happening. Therefore, we may not understand why a man says "I love" in the first meetings. Perhaps this is some cunning plan, one of the items of his treacherous plan for kidnapping our hearts, or maybe the opposite is a manifestation of his weakness. The main thing to consider how you are a man says "I love" in the first meetings and not only. After all, men are by nature stingy with words, and they just do not say anything.

To begin with, think and analyze in whichYou are a relationship with your young man. If you think that you are just a friend or even still unknown, but are simply at the stage of establishing contact, then do not rush to conclusions. A man just will not admit to love, a little familiar woman. Probably, and for good reason you met him, maybe he specially arranged everything, arranged with friends to introduce both of you closer, or vice versa himself took the initiative. Therefore, as an option, if a man says "I love" in the first meeting, then he is ready to morally share with you the accumulated in his soul. Tell about your feelings, which he had for you before acquaintance. There is nothing to worry about, it's the opposite, even good. He is not a rock, he can break, just to be with you, such men should not be lost. He is not shy of his feelings and can openly and freely show them to you, is not every woman dreaming about it?

On the other hand, if a man says "I love" inThe first meeting, but it does not mean that it's bad. Most likely he tries to make you feel good, because women love ears. But do you think, does it suit you? Are you satisfied if a man says I love in the first meetings, if only to tie a woman to myself at the expense of warm flattering phrases? If so, he played his game perfectly, he got what he wanted, he subdued you with pacifiers, with false words. If this does not suit you, do not immediately cut from the shoulder and dissolve the relationship with a man. Perhaps, he did not want to just use you, but just wanted to strengthen relations at the initial stage. And according to his stupidity he said, what should not have been said so far, because you have to prove your feelings, and not just talk about them. Yes, the man made a mistake, but for the good, he can be pardoned.

But if a man says "I love" in the firstMeetings and at the early stages of your relationship very clearly and often. Think that maybe he needs from you more than just being together and the love that he tells you. There is nothing wrong with having a man and a woman having sex even at the stage of becoming their relationship, but sex should not be the reason why a man wants to be with you. After all, how quickly he wanted you and got it, so quickly you can also decide, but it will be painful only for you. Read the recognition of a man in love with you as well between the lines, because between the lines the whole essence of the message is laid.

Smart people usually say women choose themselvesMen themselves, but the fact that the initiative in the end they show they do not yet say that they have not caught your unconscious emotional urge. A smart woman herself will choose her beloved man and let him first admit to her in love, that he feels the main, the first, the strong. This is one of the ways to trick an intelligent and cunning woman who wants to be loved.

And if a man says "I love" in the first meetingsThen it can also be because it is soft and emotional. And this is not a flaw, the main thing is that a man knows what to say, which will be pleasant for any woman. Therefore, it is better to rejoice that a man has found the strength to tell a woman about his feelings, than to be with him for a long time and to be in constant expectation of a declaration of love. Which may not happen.

But how not to twist, there is not a single woman who wouldDid not admit to love. And it does not matter, it will be during the first meetings or after a long time of relationships, the main thing that a man loves you, and could understand when it is worth expressing and voicing your feelings.

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