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Mistakes of women in relationships with her husband

It's about how we make mistakes in thinking with our loved ones.

Female error 1
Telepathy or reading thoughts
One of the illusions is that we are confident inThat we have the ability to navigate in the labyrinths of our souls and know how to read thoughts. "I will not say anything to him, because he must guess himself. And this statement leads to much disappointment, then it becomes clear that the person did not know what he had to do, but also did not suspect that they expected him to give flowers, because he knew that I love flowers . The easiest way to talk about their expectations. The golden rule of a well-to-do relationship is sincerity.

Female error 2
That a man can be re-educated
As you know, the foundation of personalityIs pawned up to 5 years, and by the year 21 the final formation of the personality takes place. How can you change it without the slightest consent of a person, and at the same time at 35 years old.

The best way is to take a man such asHe is. If something annoys him, worries, worries, you need to express your desires, talk about your feelings. When he comes home late, instead of saying, "Where have you been a bastard?", It's better to say to him: "I was very worried, I would like you to call me when you are late at work."

Female error 3
Husband should be kept on a short leash or held in the hands
If such an installation is present, then from hereRelationship goes away love. The closest relationship destroys control, reproaches, claims, jealousy. The more freedom you represent to another person, the closer he is to you. A husband or some other person does not belong to you, he is not your property. And therefore has the right to own actions and choices.

Female error 4
All men want one
Such an installation assumes that in a man youYou see a man, not a man. What is behind this? Resentment, negative experience, fear of intimate relationships? What do you do to attract such men to your life? They really do not only want "one", they want admiration, faith, acceptance, spiritual intimacy, understanding, tenderness.

Female error 5
Propensity to negative exaggeration
He is gone for a long time, probably he has anotherWoman, or something happened, something terrible. When the situation is in conflict with expectations, we begin to think about something worse. The reasons are different here. What kind of self-esteem do we have, how do we treat ourselves, how do we trust our partner? What do we do with our fantasies, do they correspond to reality, clarify or completely immerse ourselves in them?

Female error 6
The role of the victim
A propensity to do something for someone withoutPleasures, leads to the position of the victim, when you step over yourself, when for your actions you wait for reciprocal actions or thanks. It is necessary to do everything disinterestedly, only with pleasure, without expecting anything in return.

Female error 7
"I have to have sex with you, clean up cooking" or "If you married me, then you must." We must part with our expectations and do everything with pleasure and with joy.

Now we know all the female mistakes in the relationship with her husband, and try not to make mistakes in the relationship with her husband.
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