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The difference in the betrayal of a woman and a man

Before describing sexual differences, we will describe what makes men and women different.

Men tend to fall in love more quickly. Sexual dreams of men are seen much more often. It is characteristic that men hardly dream of sex with their spouses, and their wives dream of either their husband or the familiar men come to their dreams, but not strangers.

Appeals of women to doctors are much greater thanAppeals of men. Nature is distributed that a woman is much stronger than a man and is more enduring in a biological sense. Women are much easier to endure dangers, illness and stress, but more fragile than men. The blood of a man is more dense, but they do not have subcutaneous fat, unlike women. There are also noticeable differences between men and women in thought processes: in men, the right hemisphere of the brain is used to navigate in space, and the left is responsible for speech. There are no specializations in the female hemispheres of the brain.

Women are often cold to pornographic andErotic products, and men like it. The excitement of men is faster, and they cool down faster to the partner. Women are less likely to get acquainted than men. Women live 7-10 years longer than men.

Such a quick look at the differences between men and womenGives full grounds for suggesting that in the betrayal of a man and a woman there are many differences. The reasons by which a man changes are united by one common property: a strange woman or wife for a man is a completely natural distraction, a need for nature, like a sip of a cold beer, something that you could refuse, but you do not want to do. This is a common feature that can be explained by the phrase: "We are men, for this we can do it."

A woman can go to extramarital sex only because of deep emotional feelings, because at the same time a strong emotional connection is established.

Most often, a man is satisfied with his mistress,Bed and cognac in the apartment for two or three hours. A man is often interested only in the partner's body. A woman needs emotions for full satisfaction: theaters, attention signs, flowers, gifts, walks. Women are difficult, although sometimes it is necessary, to be satisfied only with sexual games. A woman needs something more than just sex, otherwise her soul becomes rude, and this satisfaction she can find with her lover.

Another difference between the betrayal of a woman and a manIs how many sexual objects they can have contact with. The fact that men change more often. Also can have simultaneously not one, but several partners. With one mistress, he has contact often, and on the other can see times, occasionally. Mistress number three can appear in the bed of a married man once a year, then, when the wife takes the children and leaves on leave. With some mistresses a man eventually breaks up, but some part with him. Thanks to this state of affairs, mistresses are always a lot, and it often depends on free time, amount of money and some other circumstances.

In contrast to a man, a woman can haveOnly one lover. In case they part with a lover, then she can find another, although more often they find a woman, and she agrees. There are times when a woman can change her lover on her own initiative, but she still tries to be permanent in extramarital affairs.

A woman is able to remain faithful to herLover, no matter how strange it may sound, and about this he periodically speaks, thereby showing that she is honest. A woman can often behave with her lover, as if he is a regular partner. In this case, he can act as a spouse who performs both "wet" and "dry" intimate games.

Most of all, a woman is not worried about fearThe spouse can learn everything, and such an uncomfortable condition that appears when she gets in touch with another man is a feeling of duality. The main difference in a woman's betrayal of a man's adultery, is that a woman changes more to her principles, with which she lived her whole life, and not just a specific person (wife). And after a while the embarrassment goes away and the moral state comes back to normal. And then the woman becomes in a new life circle. Husband now for her is someone, like a father before marriage, and a lover - acting as a young bridegroom. And now the woman hides from her children and her husband as she hid from her father.

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