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Winter garden in the apartment: looking for opportunities and choose style

Unfortunately, not everyone has a bigApartments where you can arrange a luxurious winter garden. Many of us live in small cozy apartments where it is difficult to find a corner for flowers. But if there is a desire, then you can do it. As they say, there was a desire, and there will be opportunities. In this article, we want to give you several ideas for a winter garden.

Possibilities of arrangement of a winter garden in an apartment

To begin with, we will consider the mostThe ways of arrangement of a winter garden are available. If your apartment is large and the rooms are spacious, then for a winter garden you can allocate a special territory. More often for this purpose special niches are made, they put translucent partitions, supply the selected room with ventilation, heating and additional lighting. The result is a mini greenhouse for the entire room.

If you have a two-level apartment with a staircase,The ideal place for a winter garden will be a free space under the stairs. At first sight it may seem that such a dark corner is absolutely not fit for plants. But we must not forget that there are a lot of home-grown plants, which are shade-loving and shadow-tolerant. Such unpretentious flowers are ideal for a winter garden under the stairs. In addition, given the fact that you still have to equip additional lighting for flowers, it is likely that you will have a stylish winter garden without cutting down the square in the apartment.

However, the above idea is more suitableFor a spacious apartment. And what about those who have a small area of ​​apartments? In such cases, usually for a winter garden, loggias and balconies are converted. Such an option is very good, because all the same, we often use these places to save unnecessary things. So why not use these additional meters for yourself?

True? If you do decide to do this, you will have to work hard to insulate the cold balcony. As a rule, the balcony of the building is insulated according to the standard scheme: double-glazed units are installed, hydro- and heat-insulating layers of floors and walls are installed, light and heating are carried out. The rest will depend on the style you chose for the future winter garden.

Another good option for a small apartment-Three garden on the podium. It is ideal for those who want to highlight their small oasis, to draw additional attention to it. Usually for the winter garden are used multi-tier podiums, which occupy a vertical free space. Such a podium will fit well near the wall or in the corner of the room. On several steps of different width you can place many decorative elements and plants. This will allow you to decorate your winter garden in any style. If you add everything to this daylight lamps, wallpapers or neon lights, then the winter garden will become a magical corner.

Winter garden styles

After you have decided on the place forWinter shed, it will be necessary to choose its design. And the design will directly depend on the chosen style. Style determines not only the decoration and organization principles, but also the choice of indoor plants.

Tropical style

To recreate a winter garden in a tropicalStyle, you need to choose hygienic indoor plants that will feel comfortable and grow well at a temperature of 18-20 degrees. If the temperature is lower, the plants will die, but at a higher temperature they will begin to ache. For such a garden perfectly fit vines, ground cover and beautifully flowering trees, as well as epiphytes. One word - all those flowers that grow in the rainforests. They include: begonias, ficuses, dracenes, diffenbachia and others.

Subtropical style

The average annual temperature of the subtropicalClimate is about fourteen degrees. But plants that grow in such a climate can withstand temperatures of up to +5 degrees and hot temperatures of up to 23 degrees. However, the most comfortable is the temperature in the range of 10 to 15 degrees. The lower temperature does not particularly harm the plants, but at high temperatures they will begin to turn yellow, dry and soon die. It is best for a subtropical style to choose such plants as: jakaranda, wisteria, citrus, lianas, passionflower and the like.

Japanese style

Japanese style for a winter garden will work wellIvpishetsya inside the interior. This style in garden art is known in two types. The first type is minimalistic or geometric. For this type are used mini waterfalls, mini fountains, bonsai and pebble decorative fragments. The second type is landscape. It is closer to a natural outdoor garden. To make it easier, it will take a lot of lighting, since here plants are planted with light: bushes and trees. This type of winter garden can be supplemented with a fish with live fish, a small pond or real bamboo.

Winter garden in the style of minimalism

This style is the best option forA small apartment. Here you can choose absolutely any plants, but they should be small-sized and have one color range. Some decorators do not recommend the use of flowering plants for a minimalist style, although a few bright hats will be quite appropriate. Flower pots must be placed asymmetrically, in small groups. The most optimal option will be slow growing, evergreen indoor plants. The main condition of minimalism is a minimum of decor, conciseness and completeness.

Country style

This style will perfectly fit in the interiorYour apartment. Besides, besides ornamental and beautiful flowering plants, even small gardens can be made here. In the design of the winter garden of village style, spicy herbs (melissa, basil, dill, parsley), vegetables (cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes) will ideally fit. Decorative cabbage, lemon tree, blossoming cyclamen and senpolia or fizalis - symbiosis of a flower garden and a kitchen garden. This is the main principle, which should be guided when creating a village style.

High-tech style

If you decide to create a winter garden onA multi-tier podium, then hi-tech is perfect. For this style, it is recommended to select simple plants that have a strict leaf shape and a one-color paint. Observance of clear forms, different level of arrangement of pots with blossoms, as well as suitable accessories - these are the conditions that the design of the garden should meet in the hi-tech style. But it is necessary to take into account one detail - it is better to choose a similar style for apartment buildings, the interior of which corresponds to a minimalist and modern style.

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