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The guy is not interested in anything. What to do?

So, the time has come when you started to notice thatYour guy is not interested. "What to do?" - you think, vainly breaking your head in an attempt to correct the situation. First, decide: why can your boyfriend be bored? Perhaps you just stopped somewhere to get out, forgot that it can be pleased with some surprises? Or, perhaps, you yourself have become boring, having gone headlong into everyday life. All this could lead to the fact that your man became nothing interesting, he plunged into an apathetic state and lies all day in front of the TV, not wanting to do anything.

If the whole point is that you stopped visitingFun entertaining establishments, then there is nothing difficult in bringing a guy back to normal life. You just need to go to nightclubs more often if he likes them. If he does not like clubs, then you can get together with a cheerful cheerful company and go to the ice rink. This is a great place where you can laugh heartily at your own awkwardness, earn a couple of bruises, get a perfect charge of adrenaline and forget about all the problems. If you think this is not enough, you can go and drink a good time with a delicious cocktail in the bar nearby. Noisy conversations and usual jokes necessarily distract the guy from gloomy thoughts and will present to him and to you, the long-awaited relaxation and the feeling that the day was not in vain. In the end, you're not old - you need to have fun!

Another option - in the summer you can collect all yourBest friends and jerk on nature. On the juicy summer grass to spread out their belongings, pull out the tired legs from the road, bask in the sun. Play badminton, while the men will be engaged in the preparation of excellent shish kebab of hand-made cooking (which usually makes meat a priori even tastier). To put soul music, to sing romantic songs under a guitar at a smoldering fire. Embracing, watching the last coals go out, admiring the clean big stars ...

If the street is cool autumn, winter orEarly spring, and a hike in nature becomes impossible due to weather conditions, but you do not want to go anywhere - you can arrange a party at home. And to make it more fun and interesting - make a themed evening, for example, a costume ball-masquerade. You will see, and guests, and you yourself will be happy, because so much time you will go to the preliminary preparation for this interesting event!

If all this does not cause your boyfriendReciprocal joyful reaction - then think about what he is fond of. If he is an avid fisherman, you can go to the river together. You will ask him to teach all the wisdom of fishing and promise to sit quietly. In order to consolidate the effect and completely make happy a loved one, you need to sincerely and childishly rejoice at every foiled fish, admire the skill and skills of a guy and say that his prey is huge!

A fan of football can give tickets forInteresting match for him, let him go with his friends-fans, poboleet for his favorite team. He will be sincerely glad of such a surprise, as usually men think that a girl is not able to understand their hobbies for football or any other sport.

If your man is a romantic to the core,arrange for you a joint trip to the movies on the last row, stock up in a gentle mood and affectionately murch him about love throughout the session. After the movie, you can go into the night half-empty cafe, eat a double portion of ice cream and go for a walk in the deserted streets, holding hands.

Well, finally, something that not oneguy, whatever hobbies he was not. This - a romantic dinner at home, with candles, a gentle sensuality with elements of exotics. Prepare for such a surprise in advance. While he is away (for example, at work), you should have time to cook a light spicy dinner, stock up on a bottle of your favorite wine, buy and light scented candles. Make a selection of your most favorite romantic songs - let this gentle music accompany you throughout the evening. Then the script depends on you. You can be extremely bold and frank.

Perhaps you know how to dance beautifully - thenorganize a dance evening for him. Looks great in the radiance of the candle eastern belly dance - from this your boyfriend will necessarily be dizzy, and not from the hop. Well, and if you are skilled in plastic dances - organize your favorite striptease. We are sure that he will be delighted and will certainly brag to his friends that you are such a clever man!

Well, dancing just needs to end up beautifulpassionate sex. You can play role-playing games or simply cuddle it to death - after such preparation as striptease or belly dancing your young man will be truly tireless and very affectionate.

Such a romantic (you can even say,erotic) evening will present to you and your boyfriend a mood for a week ahead. You will fly on the wings of love and tenderness, you will open in each other new strings of the soul - which is always fine for any relationship. Thus, your love will grow stronger, and you will again burst into an all-consuming passion, which has the property to subside after a particularly prolonged relationship.

Well, if you suddenly realized that the problem liesin you itself - it's up to you to decide it yourself. Think: what features of your character are erased from the time, although they were so popular with your guy at first? Maybe you stopped joking a lot and began to grumble and nag him for something? This is an occasion to slightly reconsider your behavior. Although, of course, there are such situations that men themselves provoke such a "grumbling" behavior of the girl. But you are smarter, you should understand that this is a vicious circle, and only you are able to break it. Just be the one that he likes - and all his irritation as a hand will remove.

It happens that a man wants in life simplysomething new: try to start with yourself. Change your hairstyle to the cardinally opposite, change the style of clothes, and appear before it in a new "role". He will appreciate these changes, especially if you have created a harmonious and pretty image.

The main thing is to notice in time that your lifebegins to become sad and acquire slightly "old" features. If you immediately understand what's wrong, you will be able to fix everything and give your relationship a new breath!

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