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Where jealousy begins - there ends love

Jealousy is born in our subconscious, sheBegins spontaneously and its strength, basically, depends on what feelings we feel for the object of lust. If this is an all-consuming love, then jealousy can have the same all-consuming character. Although the variations can be many, because not all of us are the same, and our feelings are different. There are girls who are jealous of literally all the guys: those who are now next to him; Those who were once their favorite; Those who just like them now; And even those whom they consider to be true friends. This is called - an increased sense of ownership, and it is, perhaps, typical of most girls. And there are also such ladies who do not feel jealousy at all. Either they completely trust their men, or they are very self-confident and selfish and believe that no one will ever trade them for another. What, too, in principle, not bad. Since jealousy - it is really capable of much, even destroy those feelings that have been burning for years. She will eat them, burn them, leaving you in the conflagration of a former love - sad, blackened from ashes and soot. Where does jealousy begin? Love ends there!

Why does this happen? The fact is that jealousy is peculiar to corrode from within. It would seem that the situation was discussed, the beloved explained everything. The situation and proved that I was true to you. But the worm of doubts has remained, it will sharpen your soul for a long time, especially if you are naturally self-torturing. And then inside you begins a conflict that grows, like a snowball. You lose confidence in your beloved and start suspecting him of all the hard. Catch each of his eyes, thrown in your direction, and biliously yell at the fact that past the past lady and leg is more beautiful than you, and the chest is bigger. And in general it is the dream of any man, and your companion as well. Naturally, sooner or later this situation will start to annoy your soulmate. After all, the girl will, among other things, also establish total control over his whereabouts, and phone calls with his feet will fit into his personal space. But not all people are able to deal with this normally.

And God forbid, you will find in this personalSpace is something that, in your opinion, will testify to the interest of your man by another woman - that's all! War can be declared open.

This war will lead you to the place whereLove ends. After all, instead of tender feelings, warmth and care, you will begin to give your man only irritation and mistrust, he will cease to feel the kinship of souls, who reveled earlier. Think: are not you afraid of losing everything that has been so gently nurtured for years, because of a feeling of jealousy, sometimes even unfounded and unproved? We are prone to believe in fairy tales, invented by ourselves - and often all these pictures of jealousy, drawn by our imagination, have nothing to do with reality.

Who can call a man at one in the morning? Yes, anyone - even the boss with joyless news that tomorrow, on the day off, you will need to go to work. A friend who went to a cafe and asked to take him home. Why does a man go into another room? Yes, so as not to wake us, tired of the day from the hardships of the household. A SMS your half puts under the password so that the office colleagues do not read your love correspondence, if he, as always, forget the lunch break phone on the table. "Excuse!" - sniff each of you. Maybe excuses, but sometimes the true reasons are amazing with their simplicity, while we do not believe in them and think out our options.

Of course, you know your men better - andAre able to distinguish lies from the truth. Blindly believe your half, most likely, also not worth it, but to see behind every turn of fate betrayal - this is the worst thing that can happen to your couple. Conflicts have never held the family together, no matter how much our grandparents said, they say, "the darlings are being scolded - they are only milling about." Of course, there are no ideal pairs, and everyone swears, but only to then swear again and again in eternal love and put up in the most pleasant ways. But when it comes to all-consuming jealousy - then this is a deeper crack that begins at the level that is the basis of the relationship - trust. Having lost confidence, you are unlikely to be able to revive the warmth that united you and gave harmony, without which love becomes torture.

And this crack is rarely able to self-destruct, herYou need to remove yourself, spending a lot of energy and energy on this process. And not every couple has the strength and understanding to overcome this obstacle, to rush forward, into a brighter future. So before you allow your relationship to crack, think: do you really have reasons for jealousy, or have you come up with everything? Do you have any evidence, evidence of treason? If not - then release bad thoughts and trust your loved one, because love does not tolerate suspicion and guile.

But if you are sure that the other halfYou change, then the business takes a completely different turn. Although there may be different options for the development of events. Someone mercilessly tears the relationship, realizing that they have no future. And someone graciously forgives, for his love is unlimited, and without a loved one, it will only get worse. But, again, this same worm of doubt remains. But if your man will never give you even the slightest reason for jealousy - it can still get better. But if it becomes a habit ... Like, my wife, my all my adventures forgive me, I'm afraid to lose. Then what kind of love is there - a total self-sacrifice, mixed with a habit.

So decide if love ends after jealousy has destroyed all your heat. And is it worth it to allow her, jealousy, to freely seize your heart? ..

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