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Making a man jealous and appreciate

Jealousy is one of the strongest human emotions. It can be compared only with love and hate. And, like many other emotions, it is peculiar only to man. Animals do not have jealousy and can not be. After all, they are independent and do not belong to each other. This feeling is not inherent in all, it covers gradually. To a greater extent, people are suspicious of it, with an unstable and suspicious character. Which are insecure, have some psychological complexes. Jealousy can arise even in childhood from a child who is jealous of parents to other children, to each other, when he feels himself superfluous, deprived of attention.

A woman can not stand a jealous man, whom he does not like,But angry, if not jealous of the one she loves. There are many reasons for the appearance of jealousy. Let's look at some of them. The first and main reason is the desire to keep a loved one nearby. The second is the classic "jealous means loves." For most people, showing signs of jealousy is a sign of affection, of love. But in fact, the manifestation of jealousy is a sign of mistrust. And also jealousy is a sign of the owner who treats his beloved person as a thing that no one can touch, which should always be in sight. The third reason is fear and insecurity. About people who are confident in themselves say that they have a core inside. It is unlikely that such a person will arrange disassembly, although there are exceptions. Often, a person who is not confident in himself, is not sure and his partner. Even if a loved one sits at home and does not communicate with anyone, this will not change the situation, there is a new occasion for jealousy. The fourth reason is the fear of being left alone, especially if there used to be such an experience. He wants to know what's important to you, you need him, he's your hero.

Everyone has his own reasons for jealousy and everyone forFor our reasons, we want to provoke this jealousy. This can be a banal desire to attract attention, to show oneself to a partner from a new angle. Or maybe it will shake and refresh the relationship, which is already rolling and they lack a fresh stream, new emotions, some kind of shaking ...

When the partner is always around or you haveThe opportunity to see him often, to cause jealousy is not difficult. You can make it so that he sees you in the company of another man, then he will simply have to prove that the colleague from his job simply decided to spend to the house. If you often talk on the phone and go to another room for this, it will alert him. You can agree with a friend that she called you at a certain time, and you change her name in the phone to the male. Leave the phone in a prominent place so that in case of a call, he could see who is calling you. Good old reception with a bouquet of flowers. To do this, you will need a bouquet of flowers, a mysterious smile and a laconic answer, like - from no one and just like that.

But what to do when the object of adoration is far away? How to make a man jealous and appreciate, but not lose it? Here the circle of "instruments" narrows down to the means of communication- phone and e-mail (or ICQ). During a conversation, tell as if by chance about a new employee at work or the son of a neighbor who came to visit her. Think about the story of your acquaintance, something simple and not intricate. It's like he helped set you up a computer, helped set up a car or talked with you at the grocery store. Anything, only necessarily inspired, focusing on how interesting, wonderful and generally surprising, why he is still not married. Believe me, this will make him worry.

Sometimes let yourself not answer his call,Explaining it by employment. Especially if you told him that you are going to visit or go out with friends. Tell me how at a corporate party or birthday you played with someone in a pair game, how fun it was. If during a call you say that you have a call on the second line or SMS has come, he will not leave it without attention.

There is a more sophisticated and demanding wayTraining. Make a nice photo where you are seductive and sexy. The more intriguing photo, the better. Send it as proof of how you miss him. Be sure, it will make him think, and who actually photographed you. If you add to this the story of how you accidentally sent a copy of the message to your acquaintance when you sent it, wait for an early reaction.

Use its weak points. If he does not like, when you are dressing a mini when he is not around, then send him a photo where you are flaunting in an ultra-short dress on a holiday or a walk. If he does not like, when you go somewhere without him, tell me how, incidentally, about an interesting meeting with friends.

Turn your imagination on, call for helpSense of humor and the result will not take long. Maybe it is you who will come up with a trouble-free method that guarantees one hundred percent success, make him worry and will be able to answer the question of how to make a man jealous and appreciate.

But, as in any business, causing jealousy, the main thing is not to overdo it. After all, your task is to strengthen your relationship, to interest him even more strongly, and not to spoil everything in the end.

When taking active action, think againAbout the advisability of your efforts. After all, if your loved one is far away from you, you can not track his reaction. He can take it to heart, and maybe treat it as an endorsement for the response, which can lead to an affair on his part. The main thing is that whatever you do, try not to harm your relationship.

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