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Sexuality of a woman through the eyes of men

The most important role in the development of sexualAttraction and attraction are only two sex hormones - estrogen and testosterone. It is on their level and determines the degree of attractiveness of women for men. Of course, there are other factors that affect sukutnosti, but these are the most obvious. And since the hormonal background of a woman varies with age, then the ratio of men to her also differs. Men, however, do not ask themselves what hormones prevail in his chosen one and how they work. He simply sees a woman and feels (or does not feel) an attraction. He defines his sexuality in his own way. But exactly how he understands and sees it, and is set out below.

A woman of 20 years with the eyes of men

Although a woman at this age creates the impressionWild sexuality and eternal desire (according to men), this is not always the case. This age is very important for any woman, when she is determined by how she will build her life further. Some decide on early marriage, while others give themselves to study, the life of others is a continuous holiday without far-reaching plans. Men do not understand this, seeing in the twenty-year-old beauty only an object for their sexual fantasies and pleasures.

Statistics show that unmarried women inThe region of 20 years are twice as concerned with the issue of their attractiveness and sexuality than those who are already married. When a woman has a stable relationship, her sexual activity is greatest. In addition, that irregular sex can affect the menstrual cycle, while for women with a regular sexual life, similar violations are threatening relatively rare. Men contribute to the active sexual life of twenty-year-old women, as they are extremely desirable and sexy for them. Moreover, the level of hormones in women of this age is so high that men see them sexual even regardless of external data. Often even the most unsightly women of this age find lovers. Later this is much more difficult for them to do.

There are statistics that two thirds of diseases,Sexually transmitted infections affect people about 25 years. Moreover, it is the men of their partner women who are most often infected. Needless to say, fear of infection directly affects the sexual desire of women at this age. Not the last place is also the fear of unwanted pregnancy. Contraceptive pills, which is important, suppress sexual desire, so that a woman may find herself in a vicious circle.

In many ways, female sexuality depends onMenstrual cycle. Men do not know about this, but it affects their vision of a woman. When a woman reaches the age of twenty, for most of them the cycle becomes stable and regulated - this greatly increases sexual desire and sexuality in general. In days of ovulation, the peak of sexual desire occurs, orgasm can be achieved much easier than on other days. And this is not an accident, because during this period a woman can become pregnant. And it is during this period of the woman's sexuality that the eyes of men simply do not have a limit. She excites all her appearance, she attracts and no man can even explain to himself why he is so drawn to her.

Female 30 years old Eyes of men

The woman 30, as a rule, has already reached theAn important milestone in its development. She knows exactly what she wants, knows herself well enough, knows herself the price. The man also feels it. Women at this age have a relatively stable relationship. Libido reaches its peak, and only problems with a child or career can affect it. Men evaluate the sexuality of a 30-year-old woman as balanced and stable. They no longer burn blindly with passion, but skillfully enjoy intimacy and relationships in general.

The technique of sex 30-year-old woman - the limit of dreamsAny man. When the body is still young and attractive, and the practical experience and the ability to bring pleasure are at a high level. With such a woman you can forget about everything and give yourself up to feelings in full. Men love to enter into intimate relations with women of this age range, since it combines external youth and attractiveness and practical experience. This in itself increases sexual desire. It is not by chance that the period from 30 to 45 years is considered to be a period of growing sexuality in women.

For most modern women of this ageSexuality comes first. This is the period of a rapid hormonal surge, a period of readiness for motherhood. As a rule, during pregnancy, most women have the strongest sexual desire, especially during the second trimester of pregnancy. This is due to the increased level of hormone production of estrogen and progesterone. In addition, the growing fetus increases the flow of blood to the genital area. And if this fruit is a boy, then the body produces additional doses of the testosterone hormone, which further increases the desire.

Women admit that after giving birth they rarelyThink about sex. The cause of this is chronic fatigue and hormone levels that are still regulated. Sex can even be reduced to 3-4 times within a few months, accompanied by pain and discomfort due to the dryness of the vagina. This problem is in 70% of women in the first six months after childbirth. Men feel it in their own way and in different ways. If a man really loves a woman, the perception of her sexuality in his eyes will not change. He will still desire her and see her as sexy and sensual. Many men are even more excited, seeing their beloved as the mother of their child.

But even when hormone levels are alreadyAdjusted, many women of 30 years do not feel the desire to have sex after childbirth, as the birth of the child caused great stress. A woman is under constant strain, torn between children and the household, and she is tormented by thoughts about her career and future. It becomes even more difficult when there are older children in the family. Breastfeeding in turn contributes to hormonal imbalance. Therefore, nursing mothers go through something like menopause. Over time, sexual desire returns. And with it comes back and the perception of the sexuality of such women by men.

Woman 40 years old Eyes of men

Although after 40 years the level of hormones is inexorableFalls, the sexual desire of many women is again reborn. This is immediately noticed by men. This is because the accompanying irritants and stresses disappear in the woman's life. Children have already grown up, have become independent, financially, women of this age already have full stability, have experience gained in the work. All this contributes to a calm understanding of their personal needs and desires. Women of this age come into contact with men even more easily than 30-year-olds, because they do not have small children behind their shoulders, they do not have empty illusions about relationships, they do not care about lack of money and lack of work. Men are attracted to women of this age, their independence, experience and independence. They feel in them a special sexuality, especially attracting young boys who do not have the experience of love relationships.

Monitoring of doctors, however, shows that after40 women are more likely to complain about gynecological problems. In women entering the menopause period, hormone levels of estrogen and testosterone are significantly reduced. On average, this process ends at 46 years. Half of the women begin to experience symptoms associated with a decrease in sexual desire, an irregular monthly cycle and dryness of the vagina. To stabilize the situation, many women are prescribed hormonal birth control pills, which to some extent eliminate these symptoms.

In addition, the sexuality of women is affected by andA condition of a thyroid gland with which in most cases at women is more senior than 40 years there are problems. Secondary disorders of the thyroid gland function in one of 15 women aged 40 years and one in ten at the age of 50 years. Symptoms of this phenomenon - excessive fatigue, depression and decreased sexual desire.

However, this does not mean that sex can notTo bring pleasure to a forty-year-old woman. On the contrary! And men are ready to give their tenderness to such women, appreciating their mature sexuality. Some women often find new sexual partners during this period. They already know enough about the ways of obtaining pleasure and do not hesitate to try new methods and experiments. The irony is that many men start experiencing sexual problems by the age of 40, when female sexuality is on the rise. It is necessary for women to look for younger lovers, which often happens.

Female 50 years old Eyes of men

This period is called the early culminationFemale sexuality. On average, about 40% of women experience a significant decrease in sexual desire because of the cessation of sexual hormones and sexual dysfunction. And it's not strange - estrogen (a hormone that is responsible for moistening the vagina and blood flow) abruptly disappears, and testosterone levels increase. Ovaries stop the production of eggs and the menstrual cycle is completed. All this seems complicated and unclear, but it becomes noticeable to the naked eye. Men feel this decline in female sexuality and is not in a hurry to make contact with a woman of this age.

But it's too early to write off a womanThe sex plan. A woman in the third period of her life can still feel sexual pleasure and fortunately she is not afraid of unwanted pregnancy. The biggest problem at this age is the dryness of the vagina and the loss of its elasticity. In such situations, some women experience sexual pleasure only from harsher sex. Men are deceived that this is due to some disorders in the psyche of a woman, and sometimes they begin to blame themselves. It is very important during this period for a woman to prelude.

Although many women noted a significantReduction of their sexual life, others drew attention to the exact opposite - sex brings them great pleasure, like never before. Libido can increase after the end of menstruation, and this should not be regarded as a pathological phenomenon. Experts believe that women at this age can in no case be deprived of sexual experience, but rather - use it.

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