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Saying people about anal sex

Once you drop the constraint and learnCorrect technique, you will easily understand why anal sex can be very pleasant. The anus is filled with nerve endings and is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones - massage and other ways of stimulating it can cause real pleasure. The truth is that some women can reach orgasm only with anal sex. Here are the answers to the most common misconceptions about anal pleasure.

1. The Anus is dirty

Earlier in our childhood we were taught that the anus is dirtyAnd it can not be touched. The abundant and careful washing of hands after accidental contact with this area - that was the prerequisite. Perhaps you've heard similar views about the vagina. But no one will argue that stimulation of these parts of the body, of course, can cause a lot of pleasant sensations. In fact, with regular daily hygiene, the anus is as clean as any other part of your body. It does not contain natural bacteria and is much cleaner than, for example, the oral cavity.

2. Anal sex - it hurts

Anal sex should not be painful, butSuch statements of people about anal sex are great. Remember: if it hurts, then you are doing something wrong. If you learn the right technique, before you start experimenting, you will see how pleasant it is. It seems pretty good. By the way, in specialized stores a wide range of special lubricants and adequate information is available. The anus is a tube about 3.5 cm long, which is surrounded by two muscle rings. One ring (external sphincter) is under your control. The other (internal sphincter) contracts automatically when something enters your anus. Relaxing the external sphincter will make anal sex easier and more pleasant. Your anus does not produce its natural fluids, so use water-based lubricants for more fun.

3. Anal sex is bad for health

Many women believe that anal sexCauses hemorrhoids or rupture of the anus. Some even fear that they will not be able to normally walk to the toilet and spend the rest of their lives in diapers. In fact, correct and reasonable anal sex can not lead to injuries to your anus or rectum. And if your partner does not suffer from infections that can be transmitted sexually, his sperm is not harmful to the rectum. If you are not sure whether your partner is suffering from a disease, it is better to use condoms made of polyurethane or latex during anal sex. Avoid condoms with spermicides - this can cause irritation of the anus and rectum!

4. Anal sex is perverse and unnatural

Anal sex was adopted by sexual practice at theOver the centuries. In some cultures, women agreed to anal sex with their male partners to maintain their virginity. You must decide for yourself what is natural and what is not. If you feel bad from the thought of anal sex - do not do it! Only you can decide what kind of sex to do. And the statements of people in this case have absolutely nothing to do with it.

5. Anal Sex is pleasant only to homosexuals

For a long time it was really considered pureHomosexual act, although it was used by many heterosexual couples. It's just another way for sexual pleasure and it has no connection with sexual orientation. After all, homosexuals have the same body structure as all other people. Such a statement simply does not make sense.

Know your anatomy

To better understand anal sex, you need to knowMore about the anatomy of your anus and rectum. Using a mirror and a good light, look at your anus. Although it looks small and very dense, it is able to accommodate enough - for example, a finger, a vibrator or a penis of any size. You will notice that your skin around the anus is dark, wrinkled and has no hair, sweat and sebaceous glands. Like in the vagina, the anus contains many nerve cells and it is extremely sensitive to touch and stretching. The upper part of the anus is the exit from the rectum. In fact, it is not so direct. The gut has its outgrowths and cavities, each person has different. Because the rectal tissues are delicate, sharp objects or brute force can easily lead to their damage. Although the anus is not as sensitive as the vagina, some women experience a much stronger pleasure that occurs during anal sex.

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