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How to choose the right chef?

A man probably knows what he needs anotherThe man. But the woman will have to work hard to find the right gift. In any case, think about what to give, better in advance. Do you want your gifts to always be original, and congratulations timely? Then get a small notebook and write down your preferences. The information that Konstantin Stanislavovich always comes to work first, and Ivan Ivanovich loves spaghetti with a creamy sauce, is unlikely to help you. But to write down that Ivan Ivanovich loves to drink brandy fifteen years old, and Konstantin Stanislavovich collects figurines of elephants, stands. Knowing this, you can easily choose a nice gift and make the man happy by knowing his tastes.

In the selection of gifts for the closest people suchNotepad will also help you. Attentively listen to their statements. Most likely, your husband (father, brother, son, grandfather) talked about their desires in conversation. And if as a gift they will receive what they have long dreamed of, but for some reason they could not buy, then such a gift will not be just a price.

What a man does not dream of receiving as a giftcar? But such a gift is often too expensive for the giver. But the accessories for the car are not so expensive and useful motorist. Their choice is wide enough.

If a man smokes, he will probably be happy with good expensive cigars, an original ashtray or a stylish lighter.

A deck of beautiful cards is a great gift forAmateur preference, backgammon handmade - for nardists. A father of the family can give a set of screwdrivers or an electric drill. Even if a man does not use them once, he will be happy with the gift, because, having received such a present, he will feel like a master of all trades.

In general, men prefer practical gifts. Therefore, if you decide to donate something to decorate the interior, then find such a gift that it was useful in everyday life. Perhaps you will see in the store an unusual globe-bar, a picture-housekeeper or an original and comfortable stand for magazines and newspapers.

It is worthwhile to talk and that in no eventTo give men is not worth it. Towels, bathrobes, slippers, socks and underwear for men are not recommended. You can give clothes only to the closest people and then only if you know the exact size. Choosing belts and ties, you also need to be careful, because a man may not like the color, and your gift will spend the rest of your life in the closet. Also, do not give friends, colleagues and friends cosmetics and perfumes.

Refuse the idea of ​​donating a numismatist a newA coin in his collection, if you are not sure that he does not already have such a coin. It will be better if you give him an unusual album to store his entire collection.

Recently, quite a popular giftBecame a certificate for the site of Mars or the Moon. Probably, sometime in the distant future such a gift will bring income, but its main task is to please now. Better give your beloved man a home theater or audio system. A pleasant surprise for sure will be a set of bed linen, on which you are depicted asleep. DVDs with good movies are also a good gift.

If you still chose the discs, then they must necessarily be of high quality.

The way you present the gift chosen by you is no less important. All people like surprises and pleasant surprises, and the original congratulation will be remembered for a long time.

But a loved one is an original congratulationPleasantly surprise. It will be very good if you complete your main gift with a few small gifts-surprises, and also write a few notes with wishes and in each point the place where the next gift is hidden. The final, of course, will be your main gift-prize. On the eve of the night, while your man is asleep, arrange gifts with notes on the apartment. Such a congratulation is sure to be remembered.

And remember, whatever gift for a man you did not choose, no matter how you did not give it, the most important thing is that this gift is from the bottom of the heart. After all, a person is primarily important not a gift, but attention.

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