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The most terrible thing in the world is the state of loneliness

A woman who found the meaning of life in her husband and family,Especially vulnerable. Death of a beloved man for her is a hard blow, which can not be carried by anyone. One for life remains a "moral cripple", finding no consolation for his grief ... Another finds - in work, for example - and puts all of himself there, putting off longing for second place ... And few will continue to live a full life, leaving grief in the past. Why do we women lose a part of ourselves with the loss of a loved one? How can we find strength and continue to live? And for what?

Is it possible to prepare yourself morally for death? Yes, but few people find it difficult to think about it. It is understandable - there is no pleasure in such thoughts, but the realization of its inevitability can help in the future. We represent death as an enemy - strong and ruthless. Enemy, from which you need to stay away. These thoughts prevent us from accepting its inevitability. It is worth thinking about: maybe she is getting rid of a heavy burden?

Women who suffered a severe loss should take into account the following tips.

Everyone has parents, brothers and sisters, grandmothers andGrandfathers, children, friends are close people. Dwelling on their grief, do not forget that they need you. As before, they need your kind advice, your attention, your concern. Do you want to become a bad example of your children or add wrinkles to your parents' faces? You need to be strong, so that the pain of your loved ones is not mixed with your pain. Know - you are always waiting somewhere!

Do not feel sorry for yourself. Think about those who are also bad - and switch pity to them. Visit children in the orphanage, help those who are going through a difficult period in life. So you not only for a while can forget about your grief, but also do a lot of good and useful. The happy faces of the kids or the gratitude of people who needed help will give you the opportunity to feel needed in this life. This is a kind of "thread", with which you need to hold on to the world ...

Do what you want at the momentdo. Want to cry - cry. Tears are a natural way to express emotions. If you do not want to do cleaning or your appearance - do not force yourself. And if there was a desire to visit places that were significant in your relationship - go. After all, memory is our life companion ...

Think about the parents who lost their son. It's no less difficult for them than for you. And they understand your sorrow like no other. So do not let them feel abandoned and orphaned ...

Try to spend more time with people. You probably have sleepless nights, you do not need to add lonely days to them. Parents and friends will support - trust them. Give your relatives the opportunity to be around and help you.

Think of a hobby. If it was yours, do it, give time to your favorite business. If not, create it artificially. It is desirable that it was a quiet and pacifying occupation, such as embroidery or knitting. Spend as much time on it as you want. The main thing is that it brings you pleasure and allows you to distract yourself.

In large cities, there are centers for people,Who suffered a heavy loss. Find them. There you will be helped as painless as possible to go through different stages of grief. In the same place, you will have the opportunity to express the accumulated pain with words without fear of misunderstanding.

With the loss of a loved one,Quality that can not develop in favorable situations - you become stronger. This will help in the future to endure difficult moments. Remember - time heals! Years later, the pain is dulled, and the wounds are tightened. But it is important to understand that the immediate result should not be expected. Give yourself time to adjust to the new reality, to your new world.

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