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How to behave with a person who has been depressed

Only there is one "but" ... The very person who has suffered a depression does not always easily get out of it. It is not necessary to have the right behavior, but the right approach.

Factors that cause depression

  • Taking certain medications can trigger depression. Since this condition is usually temporary, it does not require special treatment and approach.
  • Hereditary factor or serious diseases. Often people are prone to manifestations of depression, if one of the members of the family has suffered or suffers from this disease.
  • Breakthrough events in life: such events may be a new job or, conversely, its loss, graduation, marriage or marriage, divorce or retirement, etc.
  • Frequent conflict situations in the family or with friends.
  • Narcotic or alcohol dependence: about 30% of people with drug or alcohol dependence suffer from depression.
  • The death or loss of loved ones and loved ones often leads to depressive states.

Marina, 32 years old:

- I met Alexei not in the bestPeriod of his life. He experienced a real mourning and crisis in life: the death of a child, divorce, financial difficulties due to credit and the crisis in the country. In this situation, life for a person loses all meaning, it seems that there is already no one for whose sake and for what it is worth living ... For me Lyosha was the whole meaning of my life, he was my destiny and my hope. Naturally, it was I who was supposed to "bring him back to life", to give hope for the future. Frankly, it was not so easy. Most importantly - I gave Alexei to understand that I need him. We became like two soul mates: they talked about everything in the world, spent the night, wandered through the quiet night streets, went to the movies, even found a common hobby-to run in the park in the morning. Only after six months I noticed that the situation is changing. Lyosha changed jobs, money difficulties were over, and a year later I became pregnant ...

Psychologist's comment:

There are such complex and irreparableSituation, that it is very difficult for a person to get out of a state of depression. People come to help for whom this person is really very expensive and those that can give a person what he does not have. In the situation with Alexei and Marina, the man got what he lacked and what he lost: a soul mate and a child.

It will be more difficult to look at the situation when there is noThose compensatory factors that a person needs to return to normal life from a state of depression. It is often necessary for the person who has suffered a depression to find their inner strengths and reserves for a normal full life.

And now consider the basic rules of behavior with a person who has experienced depression

  1. Adhere to the "principle of the sperm": Never and under no circumstances remind a person of his problem or grief. Try to talk about something neutral, but do not forget that ridiculous topics about the weather or about something else like this will not pass.
  2. Provide a person with moral support, which he lacks: give him the opportunity to speak out, cry out or just shut up.
  3. It is important to remember that the best person who can help in a difficult situation is a husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. It is simply necessary that a person in a difficult moment feel your support and support.

The hardest life circumstance leading toSevere forms of depression, this is the loss of loved ones and loved ones. In such a situation, there must be a person who will help and support. If you are interested in the question: "How to behave with a person who has suffered depression?", Then, most likely, you are the same person. Your mission is not from the lungs, but nothing is impossible. It is just necessary to have patience and perseverance to help a loved one and a close person overcome the life difficulties that have overtaken him. One must remember the important truth of life: no matter what happens, life goes on, and there is always someone for whom or for what sake.

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