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How to determine the nature of the blood group?

Of course, they are. And some are known for a long time. Someone considers them a guide to life and relationships, someone sees only ordinary coincidence, someone finds it fun, and someone does not recognize it at all. Nevertheless, it is sometimes very desirable, sometimes vital, to recognize the character of a person. For example, if you plan a child, or go to an interview, get a job, or you pick an employee yourself, or you're not sure if it's worth marrying someone who is embarrassed. In such cases, people turn to the various sources for advice and assistance, one of which are methods and methods of character determination.

The right method should be selected depending on theOf what you trust. And immediately it is necessary to reconcile with the fact that absolute accuracy is not given by any, therefore, take note of the information, but also include logic, think and observe. If you start from scientific methods, the blood groups are considered the most popular, simple and relatively reliable. That is, it is enough to have minimal knowledge to learn how to determine the nature of the blood group.

It is for certain known that blood is the basis of life andWork of the body. Completely all of its qualities and properties have not been studied to this day. However, the fact that different people have different groups and different rhesus has been known for a long time. Therefore, at the moment, blood transfusions have been successfully learned, since it is established that the blood of the same group and rhesus will suit a person, regardless of race, sex and age. At present, four blood groups are distinguished, each of which has its own specific characteristics. But if this is so, is it possible to single out something common for people who, despite other differences, are united by a specific blood group?

As it turned out, you can. If one believes the Japanese scientist who studied this area, the blood group largely determines the character of the person. For example, it is established that people who have the first blood group have all the qualities of a strong personality, necessary leader, leader. As a rule, they are full of energy and confidence in their abilities, they are persistent in achieving their goals. They are natural fighters, courageous, purposeful, strive for power everywhere and in everything they want to be only the first. They never lose heart, believing that everything is in the hands of a person with strong will. To negative qualities of their character can be attributed excessive self-esteem, inflexibility and arrogance, promiscuity in the means.

Those who have blood of the second group are romanticPersonality. They are good subordinates, the role of the leader does not attract them, they like a circle of like-minded people, comfort in the soul and surroundings. These people are not conflict, they are clever, gifted, intelligent, they work well in a team. With them, it is easy to achieve mutual understanding, it is pleasant to cooperate. However, their emotionality, vulnerability and sensitivity sometimes become the cause of irritability, quick temper. The desire for peace and order in everything can grow into an end in itself.

Holders of the third blood group first of allValue independence and personal freedom. They are gifted by nature personality, creative, flexible in decision-making and behavior, balanced and peace-loving attitude to everything. Their actions are thought out and logical, they are polite and seek to get along with everyone. They appreciate the differentness, the individuality of man. Whatever they do, they do with the introduction of a part of themselves, with the soul. But often excessive love for freedom hinders them, transforming into a desire to live for themselves.

The nature of people who have a fourth blood group,Soft and indecisive. They are kind, equal in all respects, perfectly get along with everyone. They are tactful, benevolent, they deal with others, they are ready to take part in other people's problems, sympathize, entertain and help. They are highly spiritual people, inclined to fantasy, mysticism. Representatives of this group express their opinion directly and honestly, do not tolerate the second bottom and understatement. Their main problem is the difficulty of choosing, making decisions, fluctuating, and therefore they are opposed to everything new.

Naturally, this is a very general description of the characters,Which determines a particular group of blood. Check if it suits you described, it's easier than easy - just try on the characteristics of your group. And then decide - believe it or not.

However, even a small amount of information in this respect does notit will hurt, because, as is known, even in every fairy tale there is a share of truth. The Japanese, the people who are not especially prone to fairy tales, take the personality character very seriously, considering that the blood group influences it to a great extent. As well as abilities, opportunities, future. There is something to think about, is not it?

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