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The best porn films in the history of world cinema

Frankly: For his, in general, an active and diverse sexual life, we did not see any list of the best porn movie. Accidental episodes from the movie masterpiece with the note "Children under 16 close their eyes, ears and mouth!", Fascinating naturalistic videos on the web - yes, it happened. But so that to carefully look from start to finish disk with some "Depraved schoolgirls-8" - not once.

By the way, most friends-girls of aboutThe same situation. And not because we are in the secret society of pornographic haters. It's a habit, which, alas, was not formed at the right time. The pubertal period, when the theme of sex excites more than all the exams taken together, fell on the extremely "hungry" in terms of pornography time. Instead of gigabytes of bare bodies on the Internet, specialized TV channels and numerous stalls with themed DVDs, there were only romance novels and Emmanuel. The latter was on TV strictly after midnight, and if it was possible to look, then snatches, so as not to bring to the infarction sensitively sleeping parents.

With wide eyes closed

Although I'm lying. Emmanuel was later. The first brick in my sexual biography was the book "The Art of Love," prudently hidden by my mother between the dusty volumes of Theodore Dreiser, away from the prying eyes of her daughter. But adolescents, as you know, have a nose for such things - two hundred pages of selective corruptive reading! Although, honestly, ten pages. In addition to chapters describing dull gynecological details, the book contained a section on pro poses. With the pictures that caused the most intense emotions: black and white, the schematic depicted man and woman loved each other and so and so, and the reader had to figure out what kind of faces they had, how they shine from the sweat of the body and creak the bed. Probably, then, I became accustomed to scooping the most immoral plots within my own psyche and fantasy, and not from outside. The image served as a starting point, and then included imagination - and the picture came to life. And how come alive! Mom would definitely need Validol, find out what kind of porn scenes were born in the head of her honored daughter.

I'm generally convinced that for a woman all the sameThe interesting begins at the moment when she closes her eyes and sails into the world of dreams, silk sheets and tireless lovers with the faces of Brad Pitt. And the girls, who are shining with suntan oil and their energetic accomplices in the TV, are only distracting: everything is too naturalistic and literally. So, there is no room for imagination.

Men are different. They really love the eyes and can watch for hours the interaction of "jade rods" and "viewing rooms" (do not think badly about me - this is the terminology of "Tao of Love"). And they are driven not so much by the call of the flesh as by curiosity. While preparing the material, I interviewed about thirty of my friends, asking the only question: Why did you guys give up porn? The essence of most of the answers was reduced to the phrase: "So interesting!" As it turned out, in the matter of male attachment to "adult" films, lust is the tenth thing. The main thing for them is to understand how it works. It does not matter how much comrade - 16 or 60, they are all in the soul of Kulibina. In porn, they are primarily interested in innovative solutions and process mechanics. How and what does this with each other lesbians? How many foreign objects can the vagina contain? Can I use peanut butter instead of a lubricant? Well, an erection when viewing - something like a side effect.

Hot porn

Curiosity and the desire for clarity in men akinInstinct. In this sense, we will never converge on the territory of a single auditorium. Although, according to British sociologists, the number of women who regularly watch porn with their partners is increasing year by year.

From my own experience I know: Couple dating porn is exciting. The main thing is not to delay: if the disc with "Lustful stewardesses" appears in the bedroom at the start of the novel, it can organically fit into a joint leisure. Another thing, if porn appears in the bedroom as a forced measure. Such a visual Viagra for the revitalization of relations. In most cases, a fun idea turns into a state of total tension and awkwardness, everyone follows the reactions of others and controls their own. What a pleasure ...

By the way, men are aware of what can turn outCollective viewing of a porno with a morally unprepared girlfriend. Stupid giggles and replicas from the series "Look, the sofa is the same as my grandmother!" - just half the trouble. It is much more terrible if switching a young man from a picture to a real object (sitting next to him in the front lingerie and nervously trembling lips) will suddenly happen with a delay. Then the girl can decide that the partner is more excited this silicone gymnast, rather than it. A lack of self-confidence, coupled with dissatisfaction, is a fertile ground for conflict.

However, even if the chevalier is aware of yourAdequacy, he still can not want to drag into the bedroom of "Schoolgirls" and "Stewardesses." As one friend of mine said, "having sex with a girlfriend under a porno is like doing it in the presence of strangers." Agree, there really is something in this. From group sex.

However, it is foolish to deny the educational functionPornography. Sometimes in it you can really spy something new, but it's spy. I am convinced: the easiest and most effective way to penetrate into the world of erotic fantasies of a boyfriend is to secretly get acquainted with his favorite pornodisk. And let him then puzzle how you thought of dragging a jar of peanut butter into the bedroom.

Classics of the genre

  • The last tango in Paris (Italy - France, 1972). What to do to make the film a category"Porn", destroying all available official copies? The answer is known to Bernardo Bertolucci. Today, his film de cult successfully looks at home for a sandwich with butter, and in the 70's the audience nervously fidgeted on the chairs when Marlon Brando "smeared" this product with Maria Schneider on the screen.
  • Caligula (USA - Italy, 1979). News about the re-release of the legendary film in 3DThe Vatican has stirred up, where all the stereoscopic points of the world are ready to be put to the fire. This only provokes Tinto Brass, who forty years ago made a screen version of the novel by Hora Vidal "Caligula." Then the magazine "Penthouse" provided the budget tape, but the insidious Italian saved on the crowd with the help of mirrors, with a calm soul putting the remaining dollars in his pocket.
  • Microbus Club (USA, 2006) Replete with frank scenes of orgies and perversions,Although more like a psychological experiment, rather than porn. The study of director John Cameron Mitchell began on casting: from the actors he demanded before the camera to describe in all the dirty details the best sex in his life.
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