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How to practice at home fitness?

Fitness at home is a form of fitness,Differing only in the fact that classes take place at home. Thus, you save your time considerably (do not waste time on trips to fitness clubs, fees) and money. In order to properly engage in fitness at home you should know the basic rules of training.

  • At once it is necessary to determine the place where youWill engage in fitness. It should be a lot, because. You will need to do both push-ups, and cardio exercises, and jump, etc. It's also best to put down your sports equipment there.

  • It is necessary to determine the sports inventory,Which you need for training. At first, it will be enough to have two 1.5 kg dumbbells. Later you can expand your range of sports equipment and purchase: heavier dumbbells, weighting for the legs, step, rope, sports equipment, hulaohup, etc.

  • Further it is necessary to be defined with time,Duration and amount of training. Of course, it is best to do fitness in the morning, when your body is active, full of energy. But this is not mandatory, the main thing to remember is that you should not train before you go to bed. This is harmful to the body. If you want to keep yourself in good shape, then it's best to practice 3-4 times a week. Workouts should be more than 30 minutes. The best option is about 1 hour (40 minutes is possible).

  • Remember the "standard" scheme of allTraining. Training must necessarily begin with a warm-up (about 5 minutes). Next, there should be cardio exercises (about 10-15 minutes). Then the complex of exercises directed to force (about 20 minutes) already goes directly. And the compulsory final stage will be stretching (about 5-8 minutes). It is done so that your muscles do not hurt after training.

  • Next you need to decide on the typeTraining. This can be a comprehensive training or training, designed to develop certain types of muscles. It is best if you alternate these types of workouts. For example, 2 weeks you do a complex training, the next two weeks - training for individual muscle groups. Complex training is aimed at the elaboration of all muscle groups. And you can work out individual muscle groups as follows: one day you organize the training on the upper part of the body, the second day - on the lower part of the body, the third day breaks, and then you repeat anew.

  • It is very important to remember that the muscles need rest to "form." Do not have to "rape" yourself with daily training, this will not be of use.

  • You can do it yourself to the music, and include a variety of training fitness trainers, it's already your taste.

  • Fitness training at home can be "diluted" jogging in the street, jumping rope, you can also twist hulauchup or another hoop.

  • And of course, do not forget about proper nutrition. 50% of the success of a beautiful body lies exactly in it!

Thus, home fitness is very convenient andAn effective thing. Do it 3-4 times a week, and after a while you will see a terrific result. Your body will say "Thank you so much!" Good luck!

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