/ How to arrange a romantic evening for a guy

How to arrange a romantic evening for a guy

You used to go for a walk in the park, go to the movies, andNow joint walks are limited to going to the supermarket. Any couple wants to return romance to their relationship. In the modern world, romantic evenings are arranged for their halves mainly by men. Many girls would like to know how to arrange a romantic evening for a guy so that he will remember him for a long time.

To begin with, a man and a woman in different waysRepresent a romantic evening. For women, it is very important to put on a beautiful evening outfit, while men are not thrilled with classical suits, tuxedos, but prefer a more homely style in clothes. A girl dreams of preparing for a romantic dinner a large number of different exotic dishes with intriguing names, but for a guy it's enough to eat and eat tasty. We like to listen to easy pleasant music and sometimes dance, then, as most guys prefer after a hearty dinner just relax, having turned away from everyday problems by watching TV with a bottle of beer.

Girls, saying "a romantic evening"Mean by this concept pleasant conversations for drinking wine, champagne or other light drinks, turning into slow dances and easy flirting. For guys, this phrase gives more hope for a stormy night than for a sincere conversation and exotic unusual food.
I would give some advice on how to arrangeA romantic evening for a guy, not for himself. Firstly, it is not necessary to wear a beautiful evening dress to the heels. You can choose a beautiful silk shirt that will hint to your boy about the stormy continuation of a romantic evening. Also, a man's shirt will look sexy over beautiful underwear. Your liberated appearance will help your loved one not to look rather silly in home clothes instead of a business suit.

Secondly, food for your young manShould be nourishing, tasty and, most importantly, familiar and beloved. For him, of course. Even if you cook steak, french fries, olivier, fried chicken and other fairly heavy meals. By the way, meat must be present at a romantic dinner. Having a meat dish on the table will cheer your loved one. It's good if you make a big piece of meat. Then your beloved "macho" feels like a full-bodied, contented person and will be tuned to the "wave" you need - which is what we wanted. Remember: eating should not be too much. Excessive satiety threatens to relax your guy too much, and he just falls asleep on the couch, which is unacceptable for us.

Thirdly, it is necessary to choose the right oneAlcohol, but necessarily in small quantities. Red wine is more suitable for meat, and the fish is better combined with white wine. You should give up beer and champagne so as not to spoil the romantic evening. If you followed all the above tips, then you are forgiven even candles, romantic music and beautiful flowers, but still do not count on dancing. After dinner, immediately go to the viewing of interesting romantic films (after a romantic dinner, guys often do not protest) and erotic films (he also hopes for a violent continuation in the bedroom!).

The final part of the evening will take you fromKitchen in the bedroom, but should make a small supply of light snacks, fruit and juice. Suddenly useful ... Yes, and make a program in advance is also not bad. At the "dessert" girls are very advised to dance an erotic dance for a loved one. Seductive dance in the dim light your man will remember for a long time. For the sake of such a case, it will be wonderful if you learn an incendiary, exciting eastern dance. You can surprise your chosen one with his flexibility, plasticity and ability to change.

If this evening you are the most wonderful,Exciting, beautiful, unforgettable and romantic, then, for certain, another time you will be waited for and refined snacks, and slow dances, and ready for everything for your sake, a beloved person in the role of a prince from a fairy tale.
In conclusion, I want to say that to arrangeA romantic evening is better on a day off. Schedule your romantic on a Friday or Saturday, so that the next day was a non-working for both of you. This will allow you longer to luxuriate in bed, instead of jumping over the alarm clock to work. A slow awakening, backed by vivid impressions of a stormy, wonderful night, will create the same unique atmosphere as the last romantic evening. In general, dare, dear ladies!
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